Dick Smith Is Selling Premium Wii Us At 50% Off

Have you been toying with the idea of buying a Wii U, but waiting for some sort of price drop? This might be the opportunity you've been waiting for. Dick Smith has just sent out an email to customers and its selling premium Wii U bundles, complete with NintendoLand for $214, that's 50% off.

Regardless of what you think about the Wii U itself, it's an absolutely incredible deal, and easily the cheapest Wii U in the country at the moment. The deal exists only as long as stocks last and, as Vooks noted, Dick Smith hasn't been restocking its games section for a while, so we recommend calling your local store ahead of time. It's also worth nothing that it's an in-store deal only.

The Wii U hasn't exactly been successful in Australia, or globally for that matter, but there has been a real glut of quality games released for the console over the past few months. Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 — we're also close to the release of Wind Waker HD and Super Mario 3D World, so now might be as good a time as any to pick one up.

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    Damn... If only I didn't have a $250 electricity bill to pay this week!!!

      envy you and your $250 electricity bill, my last one was $697 and that was cheap compared to the one before that at $950 odd :'(

      I was once like you, having a $250 or under electricity bill.

      Thank you Juliar Dullard for the Carbon tax pushing my quarterly bill up by over $100.

        Wait, people still call Julia Gillard 'Juliar'? That's still a thing?

        I thought we'd matured past that...

        You literally have no idea what you are talking about.

          My bill says otherwise.

            Really your bill has gone up from $250ish to $350 and that's all from the carbon tax?
            If you're bill is $350 You're being charged at maximum $31.5 to the carbon tax but most likely less. Totally depends on your area and biller. All you've really shown here is that you eat up propaganda without any thought.

              As opposed to what you've shown which is calculations based on ill formed assumptions? Right.

                By all means show us how the carbon tax has increased your bill by $100 then.

                There's no way in hell that the carbon tax could be responsible for increasing a bill by over 100 bucks that was previously under 250.

                  Thats a $100 increase over a year since the carbon tax was introduced.

            Bills have been rising for a number of reasons. The former prime minister is not one of them.

            Given your initial comment, I feel like actually having a conversation about it is useless. You've chosen to believe what you do without doing even minimal research.

              Glad you could come to such a conclusion about me without knowing squat about my supplier or location. You're just as bad as @paroxysm.

                Your supplier and location have something to do with it. The former Prime Minister does not.

                Glad you could write a reply without actually reading my post. You're as bad as everyone who decided that Rupert Murdoch's "news" outlets were more than personal mouthpieces for his agenda.

                  Yes I clearly didnt read your reply :-P Happy for you to explain to me why my bill of 4 adults and 1 child last year was $230 and this year its $356 with only 2 adults and 1 child with less usage. So I really dont give a piss about what you think because you know shit all about what youre talking about when it comes to MY specific situation.

                  You... literally cannot read.

                  I'm going to try one more time:

                  There are many factors involved. The former Prime Minister is not a factor in your electricity prices. Your initial post was completely false. You made a huge accusatory post full of ridiculous, childish bullshit and did literally nothing to back it up except fail to read the replies in any way approaching comprehension.

            Well obviously no one here can read considering the article is about half off wii. Wonder why the dick measuring contest was necessary. This should put an end to it, My electricity bill is 1000000 dollars and i have no idea why Carbon tax? President? Spending excessive amounts of time on the computer arguing about how much my electricity bill is? I WIN!!!!

    Even at that price i still dont want one with Xbone, PS4 and now a steam box just around the corner...

      I'm glad people still overlook Nintendo games, they will never know.

    Cheap way to get a second gamepad. Just no games can use them.

    I imagine I'll have more fun with GTA V than I would with all of the Wii U's library combined. Still a pass from me

    If I was even remotely tempted, I'd take advantage of this. But I think there was five minutes of hype for Zombi U and Lego City Undercover, and then no one cared.

      Mario Kart...
      Super smash...
      New Zelda...

        I guess I can see how some people might be interested in those, but I'm not. Are they doing anything new or are they slightly upgrading the old ones again?

          I bet you're really enjoying GTA V though.

          They've been recycling the same rubbish for 30 years now.

            I picked one up. That "same rubbish" is still just as fun as it was 30 years ago.

          I don't buy this argument. Couldn't you say the same thing about GTA V? Or most game franchises?

            I wasn't making an "argument", I was asking a question. Nonetheless, I feel like Nintendo's flagship franchises do it more blatantly than anyone else.

          No game from a AAA publisher does anything new anymore so that is a silly reason.

            I never said that was my specific reason for not buying a Wii U, but I will say I'm very uninterested in buying the latest version of Mario Kart or Brawl which are moreso than every other game just the same damn thing in new packaging.

              Smash 4 will bring updated online and new characters and moves. It's a fighting game, it's a fighting game they never change.
              Same with Mario Kart. New gameplay features but it's still a racing game.
              NSMBU was a solid platforming experience but nothing new otherwise apart from level design.
              SM3DW looks to be the same. New levels, music and such.

              What more do you want from games? Platformers cannot evolve to massive degrees you seem to want them to? Smash Bros and Mario Kart will be solid gaming experiences and they change just about as much as GTA does and that is fact.

                "[...] and that is fact." [citation needed]

                Tell me about all the advancements in storytelling
                I've got MK7 on my 3DSXL. That'll do. It's still the same bullshit that punishes winners and mollycoddles losers like it has since the N64. Which is fine, if that's what you like. I personally don't, at least not in long stretches.

                Fighters tend to evolve very slowly which is why I don't play very many of them. Every fighting franchise is guilty of this, more than racers. The fact that Brawl is on par with other fighters in this regard is hardly an endorsement, especially given that I never liked it to begin with.

                I had NSMB on the DS. That was an alright diversion. I've seen Let's Plays of the NSMBU and I think I'll pass. The only aspect that seems to set it apart from games I've played before is the ability to spawn platforms with the tablet. While this is hilarious in the context of a video where one guy is using it to grief his four friends, it's not an experience I want first hand, nor do I feel like it would improve the gameplay in the solo experience.

                I'll admit I have no idea about the experience SM3DW is going to offer. You've got me there, completely. Anything could happen. Might be Mario turns into a thrillseeking dinosaur and wingsuits off mountains hunting for rare stamps. Anything could happen! The Wii v2.0 U is totally off the hook!

                  I don't know why these people keep comparing to GTA V saying it hasn't changed... Three protagonists and switching between them at will, real time stock market that changes along with in-game actions, a whole new online game which is *practically* unprecedented, improved story pacing, and a lot of smaller things too.

                  GTA is a bad example for them... In my experience it seems die hard Nintendo fans are just opposed to AAA games in general.

                  Maybe you aren't their target market than and you can just, I don't know... stop caring and not buy their products?

                  I bailed on the Xbox and PS2 and went to PC. I picked up a Wii U yesterday 50% off because I grew up with a SNES as my first console and still enjoy some of the Nintendo exclusives. I know they won't have story telling (which I've never cared for in games because it's often very bad or poorly done), but it'll have solid gameplay.

                  Great advice @comban. I don't care, and I have stopped buying products that I have no use for.

                  We wouldn't even be having this discussion if people didn't try and tell me my opinion was wrong.

      I have one, I thought Zombi-U was a piece of crud... probably the first time I took part in returning a game to EB within 7 days.

      I love Nintendo but I agree, there's not really any great games out besides NSMB and one or two others... I figure in the life of the console I'll get about 5-10 games out of it and I'm ok with that. People who regurgitate Reggie on how many awesome games there are/coming on the wii-u really need to survey the landscape because it's pretty damn barren.

        I still think good ol' @doc_what summarised the experience of the Wii U the best:
        I love my Wii U, i have fun with my Wii U... But i would not recommend the Wii U to a friend

          Yep, I'd agree with that statement.

          I've owned every console of theirs since NES and a whole bunch of handhelds along the way. it's a shame that Nintendo are taking the path they are.... I would love to see their hardware/games somewhat on par with the rest of the world as well as bringing out more than 2 games a year that are worth playing.

        I don't listen to Reggie, I just regurgitate stuff about what I play. Save for Monster Hunter - much like Wind Waker, I don't particularly care for it at all since I already played the damn game the first time it came out. But there's plenty who didn't, and I'd totally recommend it to them.

        I've totally enjoyed every game on my shelf, I can see it potentially cracking double digits before the year is out and don't understand how so many people can be unable to enjoy them at all without just turning their nose up at things for no particular reason.

    Wow, dismissals are amazing. I'm hoping that means you all played WindWaker when it came out originally.

    I'm having great fun with mine and won't be getting a PS or XB.

      They dismiss it because they're not interested in it. It's not some kind of stubbornness. It's good to see people aren't going to buy something they didn't want in the first place because of a huge price reduction.

      Sorry, didn't realise Wind Waker was best game of all time. Will buy $200 console I don't want so I can play the remake. Thank you for correcting me.

        That's alright, everyone is wrong sometimes.

    Can't really afford it this week, but wow, this is too good to pass up. My wife is gonna kill me.

      Do it. Who cares what Ms Monkey thinks!! Play Nintendo land with her. She will forgive you.

      OR.... she will love you forever and ever because you're being so spontanious and outrageous!

      *not really

    There's some great stuff on the way and you're going to get a unique gaming experience on the Wii U that's totally worth it.
    If you're sitting on the fence, I'd encourage you to get one! I'm really happy with mine, sure there's not a tonne of games yet (there are some gems already out though), but if you can afford to also have an Xbox or PS, you get the best of both worlds.
    I guess I'm in the minority, but I find Nintendo's work to be a breath of fresh air and a great compliment to the other consoles.

      You're not alone. I buy all the consoles anyway (although perhaps I'll pass on XBox next gen) but I've found the Wii U to be a very refreshing experience. If I ever run out of things to play (seems unlikely) I'll buy GTA5 for PS3 until something new comes out on the Wii U.

    As usual, early adopters get the Joan Collins special. I haven't put an actual WiiU disc in it since February. I'm hanging out for Wind Waker but have clocked that twice so it's not a breakthrough game as much as a nostalgia trip for me. Nintendoland is still in it's wrapper and i don't care for any of the other games. Had AC 3, but was buggy as hell and traded it in.

      Thats funny, my xbox is literally collecting dust since i got my wii u. I touched it once for maybe an hour

    Damn... if only I didn't buy my Wii U last Friday for $400! Luckily this is DSE we're talking about here. Stock will be extremely limited I imagine.

    Instead of getting down about it, I've picked up a pro controller for $34. It's a good accessory sale at the very least. Once again though, stock is limited. During my transaction a few items had already sold out!

      Just did exactly same thing. Was waiting for price to fall and JB had deal for MH3U Pro Controller and premium unit for 399.
      Jumped just a little too early!

    God damn it! Why doesn't my town have a dick smith any more (closed down a couple of years ago)?

    Dick Smith have never had a dedicated games dept. They are getting rid of their stock. EB and JB will be the only places in Australia to buy WiiU stuff very soon.

      Where did you hear this from?

        All the Dick Smiths in my area scaled back their game sales over the last year.
        If they are restocking it’s only a handful of major releases for the 360 and PS3.

        It’s been good for a few sales (I got a 3DS for $119 at Christmas) but I wouldn’t imagine there’s too many Dick Smiths that have more than a WiiU or two in store.
        I don’t know what their official policy is, but if they aren’t stocking 3DS anymore then it makes absolutely no sense to stock the WiiU.

        Look at Warcroft's statement. The WiiU is Australia's new Gamecube. Will have some good games and an underground following eventually, but finish 3rd after getting lapped to the finish line.

    Oh man, the vast majority of the year this would have been a sale for me, even if I have been very VERY critical of what a piece of crap this console is. Unfortunately I’m got a serious cash shortage right now so I’m going to have to pass.

    I’m sure at some point down the track, after the Wind Waker re-release, and the Mario 3DS rehash, and the new Smash Bros and Mario Kart games that none of my mates will want to play with me because we have to use WiiMotes for multiplayer….. Sometime after that they’ll probably release a new Zelda game, and it will be the dream Zelda game that I’ve wanted to play on this current generations hardware..… only 9 years late and a generation out of date….. and then I’ll really regret missing out on this deal.

    Just got the premium model. Last one in store.
    And for the record, its 50% off ALL Nintendo stock. Not just Wii U Premiums.
    Games, accessories, Wii, Wii U, everything.

    Had a similar sale in NZ a few months back. Got the premium kit for $199 NZD.
    Plus all games for $20NZD and controllers were about $50NZD for nunchuck & remote.

    DSE catalogue says 50% off Nintendo gaming, including consoles. A 3DS is a handheld console. Technically, these should be half price too.

      Ooh...good thinking. This could be awesome.

    Nintendo need to clear the decks big time. Starting with Shigeru. They are old men making decisions in a younger man's world. Oops, i take that back, the Japanese never make mistakes. It's everyone else who doesn't understand.

    They don't stock 3DS any more at dick smith. Big shame.

    utterly disgraced at the Toombul store in brisbane.
    was told they had stock for the premium version.
    told them to hold. said id leave work within 30mins - hr.
    got there only for them to have sold it.
    I'll NEVER buy from there ever again.
    they say support australian, i'd rather pay more and shop elsewhere. i wasnt expecting anything more.....

    For everyone saying the Wii U is terrible to people who haven't tried it listen to my side. I got it Day 1 and play it EVERY day. The only thing I touch my Xbox for now is Spelunky and Doom and even then I have more fun on my Wii U and will continue to with all the games coming out this year and next. There is a strong lineup of fantastic, quality titles coming out that are all varied and the console is no where near as weak as EA and 2K make it out to be,

    Pretty good deal.. Do we get any of that TVii stuff yet?

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