Do Not Underestimate The Offensive Capabilities Of The Trombone

Well, this has got to be the best video game weapon I've seen in a while.

Everyone loves Saints Row IV's Dubstep Gun, but a more reserved, tweedpunk game like Sir, You Are Being Hunted needs a musical weapon a bit more… refined. Something traditional, with a hint of goofiness… something like a trombone!

In this demo of the game's coming update, Big Robot's Jim Rossignal demonstrates how the new playable trombone can be used to lure killer robots into a trap. He's confirmed on Twitter that the mouse wheel will change the pitch on the slide, making the instrument playable in a way that few first-person shooter musical instruments are. You probably wouldn't want to go all Robin Eubanks while standing in a field, though. You'd probably get your head blown off.

The game is out now, and it's very cool. Leo took a closer look at it a couple of weeks ago; check out his video.


    Lanky Kong showed the power a trombone pretty well.

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