Don't Scream During Zombie Games. The Cops Might Turn Up.

Reader Mathue sent us this clip over the weekend, captured while he and his friends were playing some DayZ. It shows, he says, the kind of language - shrieked at the top of her lungs - that caused the cops to reportedly turn up to one of his pal's houses, fearing MURDER.

From 0:56 onwards, you can see what he means. His friend is SCREAMING stuff like "WHO ARE YOU?" and "DON'T SHOOT ME PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU", which in the context of zombie survival game DayZ is totally understandable, but to anyone listening in from outside, would sound like bloody murder was taking place.

Concerned neighbours raised the alarm fearing the worst, and it was only when three cops turned up to see if everything was OK that the (embarrassing) truth was revealed.

How to Get the Cops Called on You During DayZ [Normal Difficulty]


    Yeah...probably wasn't the best idea to be screaming things like that.

    I played Cards Against Humanity online with TAYbies on the weekend, and was reading some of them out loud over TeamSpeak.

    I'm pretty confident the neighbors could hear and now are disgusted/terrified with what kind of heinous creature lives in the same building as them.

      That justifies the weird looks they give you now

        How... how did you know about the weird looks?


          Security cameras in the paintings you brought from that gallery a few days where's the gold in your house!

    but nothing beets the doom shotgun @ 0db

    That sounds like JonTron there... but he doesn't play adult games.

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