Double Fine Is Making Free DLC For The PS4 Pack-In The Playroom

The developer behind Broken Age, Massive Chalice, The Cave, Brutal Legend, and of course Double Fine Happy Action Theatre is developing content for the PlayStation 4 tech demo known as The Playroom.

The Playroom is the augmented reality and mini game application that Sony's been using to show off the ways the DualShock 4 controller can interact with the PlayStation Camera. Sony Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes announced Double Fine's involvement at PAX this weekend during Sony's PlayStation Indie Arcade event. Like The Playroom itself, Double Fine's DLC will be free to all PS4 owners.

Double Fine's experience developing Happy Action Theatre, a suite of augmented reality games and activities for Xbox 360 and Kinect, makes it the perfect choice to help out on The Playroom. Some sites are reporting that the studio's development on The Playroom goes past mere extra content, but Kotaku can confirm that the original announcement did indeed concern only DLC.


    While that is great for double fine, I have to wonder how big the install base for the PlayStation camera will be as it isn't included like Kinect

      Perhaps they're hoping stuff like this will help sell more cameras?

      There's also the possibility of a PS4 bundle including the camera, too. This isn't official, obviously, but: If that's true then a PS4 bundle with camera, 2 controllers and Killzone for the same price as an XBone would probably do alright, I think.

    I am getting mine day one, I think (hope, wish?) they give this better support and features making it a much more desirable purchase for gamers. Just have to remember to wear pants I case my friends get on and look in... :)

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