Dragon Ball Z In The Best Hair Wax Promotion Ever

Dragon Ball Z in the Best Hair Wax Promotion Ever

One of the most iconic elements of Dragon Ball Z are the orange Dragon Balls. The other is unruly hair. Now you can have both.

Japanese cosmetics company Creer Beaute is rolling out Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax in three styles: Natural, Hard, Super Hard. How hard is Super Hard? Over 9000, no doubt!

Each is priced at ¥980, which is about $10. The amazing thing isn't that this is happening. It's that Dragon Ball Z hair wax has taken this long.

プロアーティスト監修 ドラゴンボールZのヘアワックス発売 [Fashion Snap — Thanks Hiro!]


    Will be picking some of this up when im in Japan that's epic!!!

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