Speeding Coast To Coast Through GTA V Takes About Six Minutes

Grand Theft Auto V is very large. But after the game's map leaked last week, I noticed some people speculating that, no, it's not that big. How about if we hop in a car and drive from end to end?

Up top, you can see a drive from the southern tip of the game's massive island map to the north.

Here's a west-east drive (bonus, it features a great radio commercial for a fake video game):

Or maybe you'd prefer a helicopter flyover?

We also did a driving comparison between GTA V and GTA IV. We chose the longest axis in each game. For IV, that meant a drive from west to east, from the game's version of New Jersey to its eastern airport. For GTA V, we went south to north, from the bottom of that game's take on Los Angeles to the top of Blaine County (plus a swim and a boat ride!) Not quite apples-to-oranges, since IV was a bit more clogged with traffic, but you'll still be able to get a sense of how far the games stretch out. V does seem to be a bit longer:

Need more? Really? OK, well here's my review of GTA V. And here's 28 minutes of us playing it and talking about it, spoiler-free.

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    When I saw the map was 14km by 9km, I kinda figured it would take around 5 minutes to drive from one end to the other, so this confirms that.. and really.. 5 minutes is a long to be just driving around in a game that is about having fun and action etc. If this were ArmA however, driving for 30 minutes across the map is part of the simulation... so Rockstar, I think, have balanced the size of the map with gamer attention pretty well I think.

    Pffft 6 mins.
    FUEL's map was so large that using a fast car, on the main roads, it would take about an hour to cross.
    Such an underrated game that.

      I love FUEL as well, such an awesome game.
      I loved trekking across from one side of the map to another with friends for that achievement, whatever it was called.
      The only thing was, almost all of it was just barren, empty wasteland. As I said, I love the game, but a few landmarks would have been nice.

      Really? It had a huge map, but between any tree being a concrete wall (in turn rendering any car, even the monster trucks, borderline useless offroad) and the ridiculous rubber banding between racers, it definitely isn't overrated.

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