Dude At GTA V Launch Gets Suuuuper Awkward

Like, this gets so uncomfortable it's tough to watch. This footage was captured at a GTA V launch event, where the gentleman in blue and black ran into some difficulties picking up his copy.

By the time the video starts, he seems to have had his problem sorted, but between him leaving in a huff and then the store clerk making some ill-advised wisecracks, he storms back, and, ugh, just watch. If you can.



    Was this a douche party?
    Between him, the staff and the crowd there is nothing to like...

      Seriously, even the guy filming was a douche. What's with the high five at the end? Ugggh,

      Perfect description... counter staff are morons, the dude is a massive douche and who the hell still films stuff like this anyway...

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        Why is the guy a douche though?

        1. Minutes of the video have likely been edited and removed. He's angry when it starts. What got him that way? You don't go INTO a store to buy a game angry already... something pushed him to that state.
        2. She offered his email address out. Even if she was joking, she said it within earshot and did it to stir him up.
        3. She was wrong in every way possible.
        4. He remained calm and collected, she was a sarcastic bitch.

        I fail to see how he's the douche here at all?

          Wow she's unprofessional. A staff member regardless of how rude the customer is being shouldn't be rude back. She'd look way better just smiling and saying 'have a good day sir', not being a smart arse. The worse a staff member should have to say is 'can I please ask you to leave this store', or 'please don't talk to me like that sir'...

            Yep. Had the whole thing just been left where it was right at the beginning, it would've been fine, just a misunderstanding and it was what it was. She crossed the line with the business card thing.

          Absolutely right! This was also on gizmodo/lifehacker. Everyone is saying the customer is an asshole. Even if he is an asshole, he's a customer. You have to expect assholes and learn how to deal with them in retail. FACT.

          Offering out his personal details to everyone in the store deserves dismissal, if not a very severe reprimand (I heard she has been dismissed, but not sure).

          Would be very interesting to see the full series of events, nut the half edited version that we saw. I heard her say something about ID. If she refused him his copy because he had no ID, that's also pretty sad as he looks like he's in his forties......

    God I hate the "You have to give me your last name" line in customer service, always a sign that someone is going to keep being completely unreasonable.

      Aye. You also don't have to give them your last name. Hell, even the first name on name badges is only company policy at retail stores.

      Yeah but he thought he was entitled to be given her last name. He was wrong. It's a simple mistake.

      By the same token, people DO need to give a method for identifying themselves within the company, though it's possible this rule only exists in some industries such as telecommunications - a lot of regulations got slotted in there when people were still making a big deal about telemarketers.
      In Telstra it was a requirement that you provide a means of identification and it was entirely your call as to whether you provided an employee number or first/surname.

      (Strongly recommended that you give the ID, for privacy/safety reasons. Trainees were always provided a few examples of staff who had been physically attacked - and in one case, killed - outside of the workplace by disgruntled customers who had tracked them down using workplace/name identification.)

        Wow. That's so out of order. Killing someone because you're not satisfied with their service. That kind of thing should be illegal.

        Yea I have a very unique last name, no chance I'm handing it out.

        I work in telecommunications and I will never give out my last name, it isn't required at all. The lead comment is right if some one wants your last name it is normally so that they can whinge, moan and turn something minuscule (ex. like new people making a mistake because you sell so many devices) into what they are hoping sounds like the end of the world to management and stock holders. The reality of retail is that the customer is normally just venting frustrations the have over every day moments in life and as one of the few people they could find who is unable to "appropriately" defend yourself they normally feel the need to lump everything onto you.

        I do however find every one in this video to be a generally poor example of civil society. You have the twat with a camera who thinks that his actions will totally not push the situation further. A grown man who even as a customer must understand that while he wasn't doing anything inherently wrong at the start, his decision to allow himself to be antagonized and then try to as he put it "have a pissing match" is an idiot. A young customer service attendant that clearly needs to understand his place in the chain as if it were anywhere else having his name recorded would likely be the least of his worries. And finally female I am guessing to be the manager that just can't keep her mouth shut, lacks the foresight to pull her staff member in line and the will to tell the customers that what they are doing is wrong.

        As a final thought this would make a perfect training video on how to not be an absolute twat in customer service or just a plain terrible human being.

    Man, if that was Australia that guy would have been booed and jeered out of the store.

      You clearly haven't seen rude customers in real life. Australian's don't care as long as they can get served and get what they want.

        I have served plenty of rude customers. But I was a bar manager, not in retail. I think Australian's care, and I can name plenty of examples to prove it.

      I worked in retail and I had a customer threatening me and spitting on me (he got assault charges for that) and people just minded their own business.

    I like how the start of this video - presumably with the cashier bad-mouthing him or generally being offensive - was excised. It's not like the video started JUST as he started talking, avoiding everything that prompted him.

    She did also threaten to hand out his information to anyone who wanted it. Should be fired for that.

      Yeah, it's pretty stupid on both sides. He seems to have over reacted for needing to provide ID (my guess given that the start of this is missing) and she was acting like a dick for threatening to give his details out to people, which is pretty uncool too.


        If they asked for photo ID to confirm the pre-order on a super-big game release (that would have seen people trying to take other people's pre-orders for sure), and he didn't have any, there's an easier way to handle it:

        "Sorry, man. If I don't see photo ID I'm not allowed by the company to sell you the game. It's not me, it's the rules. We're open until X so if you need to go home to grab it, I can make sure this is here for you when you get back."

        By the looks and tone of it, it seems the cashier wasn't that nice about it.

          The cashier was a down right rude son of a bitch. Even if the customer is being unreasonable that's still no excuse to act like a total winch, unprofessional and highly disrespectful. I have worked in retail for 8 years and never ever treated a customer like shit (like that dickhead lady)

          I hope she looses her job, I really do.

            Losing her job over that is a bit excessive, especially since she wasn't swearing at him, just being a bit of a smart arse bitch. What if her track record was clean for the last 5 years working there except for this one event? Should she still lose her job? I agree she rude and shouldn't threaten to give out any customers details, that too in front of other customers, but an outright removal from her job would be just as a stupid reaction as she had to the customer, and the customer to her.

              Threatening to provide private information to the general public is a firing offense in most places, and in some situations, it's actually a criminal offense.

              I disagree. She was being really rude and as a worker at the store, that's reason enough to lose her job. People can be annoying, there's no need to be so mean and make the situation worse. And what's with the douchebag filming the whole thing? I'd be pretty mad if I was the guy too.

            son = a male descendant
            winch = mechanical device used to pull up or lower heavy items

        Oh yeah she was acting like a dick. AND she was essentially humiliating him in public. AND then she continued to do so as he was walking away - AND then she highlighting that he may suffer further humiliation in a globally public forum.

        What a massive dick she is.

        He didn't do anything wrong as far as I can see.

        Maybe he was a dick about ID - maybe he wasn't. But my guess is that he thought that given he clearly looks over 18 he didn't think of the requirement for ID. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Wrong, but reasonable.

      She was in fact fired for that, according to someone on NeoGAF.


        Now someone needs to tell the high fiving douche and who ever else chimed in to this guys humiliation that they are aholes that should not be allowed to contribute to society until they get an education.

          Yeah. Like a political science degree or something. That makes for productive, valuable human beings! :)

            Oh god, I have a degree in political science, and the amount of dicks I found throughout my various unit was ridiculous.

      Absolutely agree. She made sure she said it so it was audible for him to hear too. It was a dick move and professionally unacceptable. Customer information is held privately and he had every right to ask her name and report her to upper management. I honestly would have done the same. Hopefully, a little less awkwardly. ;) Having said that, she's right in saying she doesn't need to supply her surname. That's her privacy she's protecting. She just could have been a little more diplomatic about it.

        Oh gosh he wasn't awkward.

        Sure, he was emotional.

        He's in the process of being publicly humiliated by a group of people.

        He was not expecting that.

        His adrenalin is pumping.

        He's questioning what the hell is going on and if he's done anything to provoke this attack.

        He's trying to figure out if he's right, or if he's completely mad and deserves public humiliation.

        He did tremendously well.

        I applaud you sir.

          To be honest, if you got me on a bad day, I don't know if I'd handle the situation as well as he did. Between the chick being a cow, and the guy filming, and all the other rubberneckers watching him... totally shitty situation. He just went there to buy a game. That's all he wanted. And all these arseholes got in the way for no reason at all.

            My guess is that the customers simply jumped on the bandwagon. Idiotic brain dead masses.

            They're there for the celebration of GTA V, and this guy is disrupting that. How dare he.

            Of course he deserves to be humiliated because he got something wrong - the fool.

            Don't let only 2 people berate this guy, more people should - let's all let him know that he's despised.

            People are pretty thick you know.

      Yeah, I don't see how all of it the guys fault. She sounded condescending

      Or the guy recording didn't start recording until things escalated. Why would you just record the line in front of you for no reason otherwise?

    She wanted photo id for him to pick up a paid in full preorder.
    I get people when asked for "photo" id giving me nonsense at work all the time. Like "don't you believe its me" or stuff that is not id like a business card.
    Screw this wanker.

      My guess is that he wasn't told that photo id was required at the point of paying for the item, and that he's not psychic.

        "But I process hundreds of preorders every DAY. How can anyone in this day and age not know the procedure for that, it's so OBVIOUS?"

        Replace 'preorders' with pretty much any process imaginable, and you now have an example of a discussion held between eye-rolling office-workers across the entire world.

          Why is it obvious that photo ID is required?

          I would have thought a receipt would be plenty. It's not obvious that it isn't.

          I would have thought that non photo ID would suffice. It's not obvious that it doesn't.

          I would have thought that if the store required photo ID that it would be obvious that they would need to inform their customers of that.

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            That's the entire point of my statement. I was lampooning that attitude - see the second para.

            People in offices anywhere will undertake a processing task so often that they can no longer conceive of what it's like to an outsider. I see it all the time, workers rolling their eyes and scoffing, "Jesus, why don't people know how to fill in these forms correctly, it's so OBVIOUS!" when actually the only reason it's 'obvious' to them is because it's all they do all day.

              "That's the entire point of my statement. I was lampooning that attitude - see the second para."

              Oh ok, my bad. Totally agree with your point.

                Business cards are NOT ID in any first world country. They can be printed by anyone on any printer.
                Why can't someone when asked for ID before you hand over there $60 worth of item pre-paid for not prove it is theirs?
                WHY does it have to be an issue for him to begin with? So what if he does not know he had to provide it BEFORE he was asked. Its in there T&C's, he did not read it but again, just show her and sign for your game and go home.
                He is as much a jerk as some people are keyboard warriors complicating an issue with office worker comment nonsense like above.

            Why would you carry a non-photo ID and not a photo one? Non-photo IDs have never been used for anything. I can't think of a single place that requires ID and will take a non-photo one.

            I guess some people are different but I never leave the house without my keys, wallet and phone.

            It should probably be made more obvious, but for a game like GTA5, and a pre-order... I could have guessed it was more likely than not.

              I've never needed a photo ID for picking up my pre-order at EB...

      I can't understand being annoyed at being requested for ID to pick up a package. It's pretty standard stuff now, right? I mean, I can understand being annoyed at yourself if you forgot it and you have other means of proving that you are... yourself, (such as non-photo ID) and not getting to play a midnight launch title without it. That seems kinda unnecessary, it's not like you're applying for a passport or anything. But a 'this is bullshit' certainly isn't out of place if someone is being a pedant over something that's pretty clearly not fraud.

        If I take time out of my day in order to stand in line patiently and then pick up something that I've paid for, to be told that I can't do that because I haven't brought something that I wasn't told I needed to bring then I would be annoyed.


        Because the idiots at the store would have inconvenienced me, and withheld paid for items (akin to theft), simply because they didn't do their jobs properly.

        Is it the customers fault that they weren't correctly informed?


        Is it the customers fault that the staff are idiots?


          Ridiculous entitled attitude. Sure, it's their responsibility to tell you to bring ID but that doesn't change a single thing when it comes to enforcing rules. You also seem to be of the assumption that all staff are the same person, should all be able to read minds and/or must trust every customer implicitly that they are not ever lying. So if someone comes with a receipt they found and no ID, they should be able to walk off with another person's fully-paid for property no questions asked? And all just because the customer says no one told them? They couldn't be lying or mistaken?

          That sir, is an excuse for customer entitlement.


            I'm under the assumption that people don't know things unless they're told them.

            I'm not suggesting that the companys' policy is incorrect. I'm stating that whatever requirement the company chooses to have they need to make that known to their customers.

            You don't understand my comments, so please either read them again or stop with the nonsense insults.

          It's not that much to assume I'll need ID to pick up an item I've ordered. At time of ordering they've asked for my information. I have paid the full price for an item I will get in the future.

          If a receipt was enough and someone came in with my receipt and took my preorder I'd be pissed. I've lost the money and now I don't get my thing. I imagine plenty of people lose receipts and this was to combat those people.

          As to being akin to theft, good luck with that. They're withholding the item until the legal owner can identify themselves

            "If a receipt was enough and someone came in with my receipt and took my preorder I'd be pissed. I've lost the money and now I don't get my thing. I imagine plenty of people lose receipts and this was to combat those people."

            Again, i've not suggested that there's anything wrong with the policy to require ID - I've just stated that people need to know those requirements or they won't necessarily abide by them - as was the case here.

            "As to being akin to theft, good luck with that. They're withholding the item until the legal owner can identify themselves"

            Yes, i've not said this incident was tantamount to theft, i've said that it is akin to theft.

            Someone has paid in full for an item that they are fully entitled to, yet it is being withheld from them. That is akin to theft.

          If you went to the doctor's and forgot your medicare card, is that the doctor's fault they didn't tell you when you made the appointment?
          Or if you forgot ID when going to a nightclub?
          It's pretty standard practice.

          And it's not theft, you haven't provided all the proof that the store requires. Also I'm pretty sure if you really wanted to you could find their pre-order terms and conditions on the website.
          I found this on the EBgames website in about 30 seconds
          "Required at Time of Pickup:
          For identification purposes at the time of pickup, please bring a copy of your order confirmation page or email and a valid driver's license or other government-issued identification."
          So to everyone saying you weren't informed, that's because you didn't look.

          Also I still don't understand who goes out without ID. If you have to drive there, you'll need your license. If your going to stand and wait in line, you might want some cash for a drink... Do people no longer carry ID in their wallets?

            "So to everyone saying you weren't informed, that's because you didn't look."

            Yes, you're right. We should all spend our time reading lengthy terms and conditions, or pay lawyers to do so on our behalf.

            Why over simplify the process by clearly informing customers of important information when processing a transaction.

              Yes, you're right. We should all spend our time reading lengthy terms and conditions

              Uh yea, you should. Because nobody can be held responsible for your actions but you. If you don't know the T&C for whatever it is you are buying into, then that is YOUR problem.

    I don't think this is necessarily the guy being wierd.

    Sure he could have let it go, but that woman who served him acted so unprofessional it's not funny.
    I give props to the guy for actually standing up for himself like that in front of a store full of people and not backing down til he had the information he wanted.

      Damn straight.

        No. He should not of made an issue when asked for ID. It should of never got this far to begin with.

          The issue was not about her asking for his ID, rather her threatening to give out his email address to everyone in the store to email him. Thats his personal information which he's only authorised the business to hold and hasn't given them permission to hand it out willy nilly. Im quite sure there's some law in america about right to privacy etc which would kick in.

      100% - I worked in an EB for 7 years during university - if you had the receipt, you were entitled to pick up the product.

      When you preorder an item - its your responsibility to retain the receipt as that is proof of purchase. If you lost your receipt, then and only then would we ask for ID to verify you were the purchaser.

      You all know the returns policy at EB right? well you do NOT have to provide ID as they ask you to - they have no legal right to do so. It's an internal control method to try and stop people being habitual-returners.

      People today are far too accommodating in handing over their credentials when they are not obliged to do so and then far too ready to chastise anyone that wishes to retain their privacy.

      Her threat to disclose his details was entirely illegal as he provided those details under Terms and Conditions that do not cover "public humiliation and bullying".

      It's not the guy being wierd at all. It's fairly murky but you hear her say within earshot of him 'Hey we have his business card, you guys can email him now'.

      I'm amazed he handled it that well. Personally I would've demanded the area managers phone number. I think he was controlled, well mannered and well spoken, exactly how an irate customer should behave. I say that because losing control never benefits an angry customer.

      It did turn into a pissing contest because of her and he came out on top apparently. Well done to the guy, he ended up acting with far more class than she.


    As far as I know this woman has since been let go by GameStop.

      Yeah I get her point of view, people can be massive jerks (and I'm sure he served his fair share)... but it's kind of her job to deal with the public, she didn't need to be condescending to him in front of the crowds.

    At least he didn't rock up to the store for them to tell him that his pre-order copy of the game had already been picked up. (That's what happened to me on the release of the Gamecube+Mariosunshine) I have never said a good thing about EB games since.

    I hate that the internet makes these things bigger than they need to be.

    Asking for ID is fine and understandable. The woman in question - her tone, her attitude and how she handled this conflict was not. She was basically dressing down a customer because there was a crowd and a camera.

      Agreed. There was no need to speak to him like that, and bullying him as he left the store by threatening to hand out his personal information was totally unprofessional.

      You haven't worked in retail have you?

      Maybe that's too much of a presumption, and I'm sorry if it comes across condescending. That's not my goal.

      But, when I worked in retail [way too many years], I always respected every single customer, as it was the right thing to do. However, I also expected that same level of respect back from the customer.
      Sure, the "customer is always right" is true in any business, but a lot of people feel that is a license to treat a fellow human like a piece of shit. It's not.
      If I was treated disrespectfully, I would not simply take it from a customer. Treat other people with respect and dignity, no matter what, or you shouldn't expect any less from anyone else quite frankly.

      And taking into account my first statement about experience in retail, this was a midnight launch of gta V? At this point, she is likely still at work after working a full day's shift already, and has just been dealing with the swathe of crazed gamers. Fuses start to shorten at this point.
      It's not like she was being horrible to this guy. She was being a smart arse to someone who was being a smart arse to her. Give her a break, everyone's got to vent a little bit.

        To answer your question - yes I have worked in retail. I worked casually for a number of years in the industry whilst studying at university and then moved into full-time retail management. Whilst I didn't pursue a career in this area, I know the drill.

        I also stand by my above comment. Sure the guy was being obnoxious and argumentative, but that’s no excuse. She has a responsibility to act professionally and I really don’t see that she did.

          Everyone has a responsibility to not-be-a-dick to others.

          EDIT: this line just sums it up without any more rant.

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            There's a big difference between your personal moral responsibilities, your legal responsibilities, and your professional responsibilities. One of the differences is the consequences of failing to meet your responsibilities. It is probably apparent to all the consequences of shirking your moral responsibilities are less severe than for legal/professional.

            People with any degree of intelligence should already know this and behave accordingly.

              It is probably apparent to all the consequences of shirking your moral responsibilities are less severe than for legal/professional

              That's the truest thing I've read in a while....

              ... and I think that's what is getting me so depressed, lol.

                It's also probably the fairest. Because moral responsibilities are so wide-ranging. Just like you or I might not like seeing how lax some people get with them, we also wouldn't want our moral responses dictated to us by the Taliban or the ACL. What seems 'normal and reasonable' to us seems like blatant heresy to others, and no-one is actually objectively 'right' because there's very rarely actual logical reasoning behind many codes of honour. That's why we define the legal/professional and leave the morality in the fuzzy grey place it is.

                  That's true also.

                  But she had a moral response in a professional situation. She's only human.
                  Reprimanded? Even publicly so? Yes. Absolutely.

                  But firing? Too far.

                  @edenist How far do you think you have to go to be fired in the private sector? It's certainly not discrimination. Temps can be let go on a whim.

                  For very, very, very publicly representing the company and doing something almost/borderline illegal in the process? It's a very strong message from the company involved. This is not some super technical position that requires years of training. It's chief cashier-monkey. Very expendable. It sucks to make a mistake that can impact your life so severely, but that's the price of complacency and not accurately knowing your worth to the market.

                  Of course they had reason enough to fire her.

                  I'm saying though that I don't think that it necessarily should come to that though over this sort of incident. There is a massive response from everyone here that they demand that she be fired for this. Why? Do you *really* care enough that having someone fired will make you shop at a store now?
                  What I mean by this is. Isn't her being reprimanded, being made aware of her error and apologising enough?

                  I just don't understand the outcry from everyone that her being fired will make them happy about shopping there. Quite frankly I don't believe anyone really cares that much. It just seems a bit too much like a lynch mob. Appease the masses with the sacrifice they demand.

                  @edenist Normally I'd agree with you about the Internet Lynch Mob. Like when people were calling for the dolts behind the GTA5 launch 'cocaine stunt' to be fired.

                  Yes, it was stupid but 1) it wasn't illegal (or even close), and 2) it wasn't mean-spirited or malicious. Well-meaning idiocy is one thing, what this vile creature was doing?

                  Intentionally bullying an upset customer and threatening them with global ridicule and exposing their personal details to the Internet Hate Machine? Yeah. Completely different story. I have to say that I'm in agreement that someone willfully doing that doesn't deserve much consideration, and doing so on such a very public occasion DOES need to factor in.

                  The ONLY sympathy I have for them is that they may have felt goaded on by the crowd, encouraged to be more abrasive and abusive than they otherwise would be, but that's a pretty terrible excuse for escalating anything.

                  Yeah ok fair enough. I can see how people may find it cruel.

                  I see it more as an employee who's had too long a shift and is getting frustrated. I've been there, and I know that sometimes instinct and emotions take over in that situation.

        She was a district manager, apparently. And while the guy was a dick, he was at least a quiet dick, rather than screaming etc. At her level, she should have been more professional than she was (spoken by someone who did 7 odd years in retail).

          Of course she was a district manager.

          Someone with her level of ridiculousness deserves promotion within the ranks.

          Why would Gamestop hire pleasant managers or ones that are good at their jobs.

        "If I was treated disrespectfully, I would not simply take it from a customer."

        Nor would I, nor do I.

        Her being condescending is one thing. It's not good, but it's not that bad., and if provoked in my mind is completely understandable and justifiable. Customer service reps are allowed to have emotions and ought to be able to express them. Customer service reps are not there to be at the beck and call of the unreasonable customer.

        However, when the guy walked away she took things further.

        If she hadn't of, there would be no significant issue. But she did.

        "It's not like she was being horrible to this guy."

        Oh yes she was - and that's why she lost her job.

        Threatening someone's privacy is horrible.

        Publicly humiliating someone is horrible.

        Threatening further global public humiliation is horrible.

        She was horrible all right.

        I've worked in retail, hospitality and security. I thought the way she was talking to the guy was reprehensible myself.

        If I spoke to people like that when i was a guard, either they'd leave really pissed of (with good cause) or they'd take a swing. A nice attitude gets you a long way from these situations.

      Yep. Her behaviour was all ego driven.

      She was trying to be cool.

    That bitch needs to be fired.....i hate it when EB a sarcastic

    I work in eb and if I were speaking to a customer like that I wouldn't be getting high fived but fired. She acted very unprofessional.

      Yeah. She was completely egotistical and he was self-righteous. Everybody loses.

      Fired? Really?

      She's selling games in a retail store, not the Foreign Affairs minister.

      You're really that sensitive when you're buying things that you need your clerks to be sanitary, mindless drones who will take whatever crap you throw at them?
      You find the need to be dicks to retail workers often?

        You're missing the part where she ridiculed another person and threatened to give out his private information to a store full of people... There is no way ever anywhere that this is acceptable.

        No, She was a complete **** the whole time, even getting the line involved.

        She was unprofessional from the start of the video, anyone that has worked in retail would know that she was in the wrong, yes the customer may have been a bit of a dick but that gives you no right to treat them like that.

        The sarcastic tone of her voice is right there.

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          EDIT: Eh.... just wanted to make the point that I think firing was over the top. It's just a game store.

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            By the look of it she acted illegally - or at least threatened too.

            Even if we ignore her horrendous attitude and willingness to humiliate, she would NEED to be fired on the basis of ILLEGAL actions (or intent) alone.

              There's an argument about legality, I can see that.

              I don't think there was any intent though. Clearly she was caught up in a stressful situation.

                She stated, did she not, audibly and publicly that she would be making his private details available for those that wanted it.

                That's intent.

                  If you're argument was sound, there would be a lot more sexually promiscuous mothers in the CoD gamer community..... ;-)

            I wonder how you'd feel if someone spoke like that to you when you're handing over your money.

              It wasn't unprovoked, though. I generally treat retail employees with respect.

            Yeah it's just a game store but that kind of behaviour is taken very seriously there is an image to uphold just like any other business

    Why are we watching a video in which everybody is a jerk and nobody wins?

    In fact, because she was fired then the guy in the video will feel justified in his negative actions.

    Whats a bet his overly sensitive nature is due to being bullied during childhood? So many people have this problem because of that.

    I'm not saying he was justified, just pointing out how it probably came about.

      Thank you Dr. Phil for that insightful comment based on nothing more than a presumption.

        Almost want to register just so i can up vote you Trishool.

        or maybe based on a friend who has a habit of doing the same thing. Dickhead.

      Could well be. In any case, he kept his cool and didn't resort to name calling or profanities. So he was much more professional than someone who's job it is to be professional.

    I was very relieved as cringe inducing as that scene is, that everyone is still alive! How many lesser scenarios of conflict/humiliation like that result in some person returning to vent their frustration/anger/revenge with some sort of assault rifle! Seems to be an all too familiar tragedy in America these days.

    It comes down to one thing. Is the store hers? If yes, then she can act any damned way she likes. If no and its my store and she is the face and representation of my business?
    I couldn't give a flying fishfinger who the hell she is, to act like this publicly, by such attitude and actions toward clientele - which in all honesty would be scrutinised online (as it is now) is not good. In all honesty it could come down to the possibility of lost revenue.
    She's out the door with a DCM in my opinion.
    She's representing someone elses interest. If she doesn't want to do that professionally then that;s on her, and her own career limiting move - no excuses.


    I work for GS in the LA area. I am happy to report to all of you that this bitch has been fired as of today. She was a cunt to work for, and trust me when I say that we are all happy that she is gone. Also, she has done worse than just this. Just last year she was under investigation for fudging the numbers in her books because money and games were coming up missing. She talked her way out of it and pegged it on an innocent girl who just killed herself this past May. Burn in hell Chrys.

      Holy shit. That sounds like the more thought-provoking story...

        Assuming that's true and not just someone talking shit on the internet, that's really bad. Alas I take random comments on the net with a grain of salt because they're usually impossible to verify.

    AND Gamestop have apologised

      Yeah well, if they issue an apology for the rude and shitty service I've received from EB Games on multiple occasions I might take them seriously.

        Man, that's sad to hear. I've only really had average to awesome service from EB Games... but to be fair, I only go in there once or twice a year. If that.

          Same. While I prefer JB and good old Game before they went under, I've had no major issues with EB. There's been a couple of people who are dicks, but you can get that everywhere.

    Personally I would have asked for an immediate refund and apology for abusive and threatening services and just ordered it of the many now much cheap online options. I don't mind a bit of wait instead of being treated in such a poor, unprofessional manner.

    poweredbyme, not calling you a liar but do you have any new items on this, be interesting to see?

    wow what an a##. Glad she got fired.

    I like how he makes sure he gets his copy of GTAV before he refuses to shop there any more.
    But give him a break. It was a midnight launch. It was past his bed time. The young tacker was tired and grumpy.

      If I'd gone at that hour and waited in line AND copped shit you're damn right I'd get my game first too. I want something to show for my time!

    He seemed a bit uppity over the ID thing but she was totally in the wrong over saying she would give out his info, even if she was joking.

    When you have a problem customer you get them out of your store with a minimum of fuss, then bag them out with your co-workers when work is finished for the day.

    Everyone supporting her actions seem to be making the arrogant assumption that those who disagree with what she did "don't understand what it's like working in retail". Suck it up. She could have been mature and let it go, but she chose to act like a child and further antagonize him after the situation was over.

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