Dumb Ways To Die Gets A GTA V Version

The Webby-award winning Dumb Ways To Die clip is a super fun way to tell people how not to get dead around Melbourne's trains, but now it's even more useful than ever: here are all the dumb ways to die in Grand Theft Auto V.

So what are the dumb ways to die in GTA V?

Jumping out of a car at high speed, hunting a mountain lion with no weapons, punching cops, crashing helicopters and riding a motorbike off a construction crane are just some of the insane ways you can die in Grand Theft Auto V.

Who else spent their weekend playing this game?!


    Great, another ear-worm. Yeah, it's good, funny, and well done, but I only just managed to get the original Dumbest Ways to Die out of my head, and now someone goes and does this. Thank you very much.

    Last edited 30/09/13 1:35 pm

    I don't think you can describe stealing a jet or driving a limo of a cliff as anything other than badass. How is that dumb?

    Hahah 1:34. I've done this accidentally too, didn't respect the sticky bomb.

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