Entertaining Kids Is Effing Hard Work

Entertaining Kids Is Effing Hard Work

Children! You have no idea how good you have it. Just wait until you grow up and find yourself dragging your own kids to cartoon events like this. Or worse, performing on stage — especially when you’re not up to it.

Here, you can see characters from Anpanman, the beloved children’s anime, at what looks like a local shopping mall in Japan. It’s business as usual, expect for Shokupanman (“White Bread Man”). He’s on the far left. Things start to go south about 10 seconds in. Be sure to stick around until the end.

Online in Japan, people wonder if the character costume wasn’t too damn hot, and the person inside was feeling faint or having a hell of a time trying to see.

You’d think with those other superheroes on stage, they could’ve helped White Bread Man out!

食パンマンの動きがおかしいw [YouTube via Hayabusa]

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  • White bread have no Rhythm. If they wanted dancing they should have gone with wholemeal, maybe even a smooth rye bread??

  • I dressed as an animal mascot for a royal show once. It was super fun, but fogged up my glasses in a second so I had to take them off, and was blind for the rest of it. Thankfully the staff lead me around. You have to be careful of bumping into random things that are actually little kids running up and hugging you too lol. Couldn’t imagine doing it for a living though, it would be nightmarishly hot and exhausting…

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