Even Selfies Become Awesome When You Add Space Jam

OK, to be fair, Space Jam makes everything better — but even so, let's not undersell the work of Gabriel Valenciano here. The fellow seems intent on souping up the selfie (aka, self-portraits) via what he called "Super Selfies".

Basically, Super Selfies are short, condensed video clips of the man going wild on camera while a song booms in the background. Also, Super Selfies usually end with Valenciano shirtless. It's silly, yes, but also kind of fantastic — and the Space Jam Super Selfie, which you can view above, is just one example.

We've also got The Dark Knight Super Selfies:

A Michael Jackson Super Selfie:

And a SUPREME Super Selfie:

Welp. Guess we all better step our selfie game up, eh?


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