Every Game Coming Out Between The PS4 And Xbox One

Every Game Coming Out Between The PS4 And Xbox One

PlayStation 4: November 15. Xbox One: November 22. But when do the games come out? And don’t forget that they’re still making games for the Xbox 360 and PS3, which we will soon have to refer to as the “old consoles” (can you imagine?). In the one-week span that we’ll be getting Sony and Microsoft’s shiniest new boxes, we’re getting hit with a lot of new releases too. Here’s a list of what you can expect.

(Worth noting: The Stick of Truth doesn’t have an official release date yet, although we can expect to see it release in time for Christmas, or so we’re told.)

Lock your wallet in a safe and throw away the key. You are about to experience what could potentially be the best week in gaming history.

For those of you living under a Dwayne Johnson, here’s the skinny on what to expect from November 15 to 22.

PS4 (All games and system launching Nov 15)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4 Blacklight Retribution Call of Duty: Ghosts DC Universe Online DiveKick DriveClub FIFA 14 Just Dance 2014 Killzone Shadow Fall Knack LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Madden NFL 25 Minecraft NBA 2K14 NBA Live 14 Need for Speed: Rivals Pinball Arcade Resogun Skylanders Swapforce Super Motherload Switch Galaxy Ultra Tiny Brains Warframe War Thunder Watch Dogs Xbox One (All games and system launching Nov 22)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4 Call of Duty: Ghosts Crimson Dragon Dead Rising 3 FIFA 14 Fighter Within Forza Motorsport 5 Just Dance 2014 Kiler Instinct LEGO Marvel Super Heroe LocoCycle Madden NFL 25 NBA 2K14 NBA Live 14 Need for Speed: Rivals Peggle 2 Powerstar Golf Ryse: Son of Rome Skylanders Swapforce Watch Dogs Zoo Tycoon Zumba Fitness: World Party PS3

AquaPazza (11/19) Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! (11/19) Need for Speed: Rivals (11/19) Watch Dogs (11/19) Young Justice: Legacy (11/19) Xbox 360

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! (11/19) Need for Speed: Rivals (11/19) Watch Dogs (11/19) Young Justice: Legacy (11/19) Wii U

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! (11/19) Super Mario 3D World (11/22) Watch Dogs (11/19) Young Justice: Legacy (11/19) 3DS

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! (11/19) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (11/22) Mario Party: Island Tour (11/22) Young Justice: Legacy (11/19) Vita

Tearaway (11/22) Not only are two new powerhouse consoles launching this week in November, but Nintendo is throwing their hat into the ring with two new Mario titles and the highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. As you may have noticed many of the Xbone and PS4 launch titles are similar, and some are games that will have already been out. But they will officially launch for the systems on their respective launch dates.

Big third-party games are dropping as well, the most recognizable being Watch Dogs. Kids and childish adults (like myself) can also look forward to the new Adventure Time dungeon crawler which is coming to many different consoles on the 19th. It’s a little over two months away. Are you ready?

What games or systems are you planning on picking up during Gamermageddon?


  • I don’t how anyone could not have anything that tickles their fancy for day one release titles. That’s a pretty impressive list for both and its only going to get a shit load better!!

  • Forza and Dead Rising are the deal clinchers at launch for me.

    Lots of people are playing it down but Forza is the best racing game series on the planet now days and a next gen launch game is a huge deal IMO.
    It makes a perfect launch game too, 100’s of hours of play at a time when decent releases have traditionally been thin.

    I remember how many people blamed the slow PS3 sales in the first few years on the lack of a new Gran Turismo.

    • I haven’t pre-ordered Forza but I think I should I keep telling myself I’ll get into Forza but never do.

      The only thing holding me back right now is that in Europe the free game for launch Xbones is Fifa or Forza – in Australia we only get Fifa. If there’s a chance that will be updated and I can get Forza instead, I will.

    • Forza and Dead Rising are the deal clinchers at launch for me.


      There’s a few more good looking ones too like BF4 and Watch Dogs that I’m looking forward to. Come to think of it, there’s too many good games coming out!

    • I REALLY want Forza, but unless Fanetec announce something soon there wont be a decent steering wheel for the One. Flappy paddle shifters can eat all the dicks.

  • Assassins Creed IV for Wii U missing

    I don’t really see any reason to get a PS4 or XBone at launch, the best titles are multiplat.

      • I look forward to Watch Dogs on the Wii U. Seems like a game that lends itself well to a touchpad for instant command access.

        Either way, there’s no real draw to move on to Sony and Microsoft’s next gen devices.

      • I would actually prefer to play some of these “gimped” versions on the wiiU because of the game pad. It adds alot for me

  • I have a genuine question here…….

    Should I get a PS4 or XB1?

    Genuine question as I am now undecided. Am not a hardcore gamer but was keen for PS4 at first. Now…I dont know…..what should I go for and why?

    • Personally Im leaning toward PS4 because I tend to enjoy Japanese games more & if 4 is anything like 3 it’ll get more Japanese exclusives.

      • Its nice to see someone give a reason that isn’t some garbage about Micro$oft sucking or that XBox is shit.

        I’m leaning more towards the XBox because I much prefer the controller, they have a couple of exclusives I’m keen for and as much as i’m indifferent towards Kinect, I really like how Microsoft is trying to change things up.

        That being said, I’ve preordered both of them anyway.

      • This man here has said something good I agree japans exclusives for next gen like deep down and the VERY long a waited FF14 seem to be really showing what the ps4 can do of course knowing japan many more better games will come flooding in 2014. Its easy to tell we wont have to wait long for good Japanese games unlike the ps3 launch.

    • Personally I’m going for PS4. Its a more powerful console and is at a better price. I am more interested in PS4’s launch window games as well, and PS Plus is great value. Forza does look pretty good though 🙁

      PS4 looks better for games. Xbox might be better with young families due to bundled Kinect – no doubt a bevy of kids games will come out on it.

      Go with your gut!

    • In the long run it’s the exclusives that are going to matter. I’m more informed on the Xbone side of things since that’s my preference, so the Xbone is being sold to me with games like Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Halo 5, Titanfall, World of Tanks, and so on.

      If you’re a PS4 fan you’re more looking at Killzone, Gran Turismo, Driveclub, War Thunder, and probably a broader range of JRPGs. The PS4 also seems to be supporting indie developers better this time around. Microsoft tried to make that claim but really, aside from one of two titles (mainly Minecraft) I’m not convinced.

      If none of the exclusives matter to you at all and you don’t have a preference as to which controller you’re using (I really dislike the dualshock), it’s not the easiest call. So far Playstation+ membership seems to reap far greater benefits than Xbox Live Gold membership in terms of free games and whatnot, but the network reliability has not ever been quite as good. Granted, since the PS4 will now require paid membership for online play, that might change. I’ve always argued that Sony would not dedicate resources to quality network performance unless it was a profitable area for them.

      Then again, Microsoft are slightly reining in their greed and only requiring one paid membership per Xbone, with one “parent” account enabling up to ten “child” accounts to have online access. I’m still not clear if this will work exactly as I’m picturing it in my head. I hope that if we make my wife’s account the paid “parent” I will still have my own completely independent access regardless of whether she is signed in, but we probably won’t know for sure until the day we bring our Xbox home and get our accounts set up. In any case, the Xbone looks like it’s more suited to supporting families and other various arrangements of multiple users.

      Anyway. Infodump concluded, and I hope I’ve been impairtial considering I am definitely aligned with the Xbox One and have no plans for a PS4 at this stage.

    • Look at the exclusives coming to the consoles.

      Look at the exclusives that came to the PS3/XBox 360. Pick the games you want to play most.

      If you play games that come out on both machines, like Assassins Creed or COD get the cheapest.

      Nobody can give you an answer unless they know you. As over the console Wars as somebody claims to be they have a preference and that will cloud their judgement. The Preference may be justifiable like wanting no region locks and loving the Dual Shock. But it will be there. Honestly I think you’d be happy with either machine as the specs are damn near identicle and with the concept of lowest common denominator programming your not going to see one machine light years ahead of the other. Only the exclusive games will truly be a test of the machines prowess.

      Remember your buying a system for the games not the joy of owning the machine itself.

      For me it’s Halo 5 so XBone. But not on release. Infact not until after first price drop at least. I don’t have the budget for a device when I need to put money into the house and car’s maintenance.

    • First look at the game lineup, anything you really want badly that’s exclusive to one side?
      Secondly look at the media capabilities, if you’re not a hardcore gamer the XB1 is going to integrate with your loungeroom better and possibly get more use with the HDMI in and IR blaster.
      Third do you want to be able to buy/hire streaming PS3 games over the net? PS4 will do this, XB1 wont.

    • An important point is if you have any friends who are into gaming, finding out which way they are leaning and go the same way would have benefits such as multiplayer and sharing of games.

      Like one of the other comments, the controller on the xbox is my preference. To me the PS controller has always seemed awkward although I know plenty of people who state the reverse preference. I suggest trying out a PS3 or XBOX360 controller before the launch as the new ones will most likely be very similar to the old models.

      Personally, as I probably only get a couple of hours gaming in each week if I am lucky, I don’t play a range of titles. I’m pretty much hooked on the HALO universe so it’s XBOX all the way for me. I’m also looking foward to Titanfall (which in some ways is similar to HALO so I guess that’s no surprise) which is an XBOX exclusive.

      What genre of games interests you the most? Look at the exclusive titles on each system in your preferred genre and see what you like. Maybe see if you can try them out in store to get a feel for them, then make your decision. Preferences can vary greatly (even among my friends), so defnitely don’t just go on someones word. Make sure you try it out first to avoid an expensive mistake.

      • Thanks guys. I REALLY appreciate the genuine and honest responses. To be honest, I thought I would get smashed with a whole lot of XB and PS fans bagging out the other system…or me haha. But seriously, was some really good and valid points made. Have decided to wait until launch and try them out once both are launched and see what I prefer, as was suggested by someone above.

        They each have games im interested in on the horizon that would be exclusives (Gran Turismo, Halo etc) so whichever system I go for there will be a few titles I will be annoyed I cant have….having said that, Im really looking forward to Watch Dogs and Destiny when that drops which will be across both.

        Appreciate the help all. Thanks for the genuine responses!

    • I would pick the console your friends are most likely to buy……I play halo with a WA based console Lan group called waxlan.org so my first console is a no brainer……oh and I pre ordered the limited edition Xbox……PS were only offering standard units which I figured I can pick up any time

  • I hate to be that guy; the PS4 doesn’t launch in AUS until the 29th.

    On topic. Dead Rising + Watch Dogs+ the Forza/Controller/XBL bundle is a go for Xbox One.

    Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U.

  • Will still be playing GTA: V, Batman: Arkham Origins, Beyond: Two Souls and F1: 2013! But really looking for to AC IV: Black Flag, Watchdogs, Driveclub, Killzone: Shadow Fall & NFS: Rivals.

    It’s PS4 for me! Then a VITA down the track with PS VITA TV.

  • I’m so weak. I wasn’t gonna get a next gen console until there were more games I was interested in. Then I watched that recent Watch Dogs gameplay video. Now I’m getting one.

    Damn you weak brain!

    • dude, there are so many games coming out, whenever you buy a next gen console, whatever games you are interested in, there will be plenty of great games available.

    • Watch Dogs will be released on everything, there’s no need to upgrade just yet, and upcoming multiplat title will also be released on the PS3/360

  • For retail Dead Rising and Ryse (lol) for me for 360. Watch Dogs/ACIV for PS4. I’ll be dablling in what I can for digital for both. Resogun will be a must play 😀

  • The launch line ups are really strong. The only game i will buy day 1 is BF4, for the rest of my games i will rely on Sony’s free to play titles. Then most likely Watchdogs, Destiny and AC4.
    Whatever you buy, you cant go wrong this holiday season… unless you buy BF4 on current gen.

    • Yeah, the markup between Kotaku US and AU is totally different, which means a lot of the time it’s just a raw text dump, hence all of the markup and formatting is lost.

      This list is terrible to try and read.

  • Not having a new Gran turismo is suicide. im not getting a PS4 until GT7 is done. I got a ps3 back in the day, and had it collect dust, and waste warranty because those A holes couldnt get their shit together! And again we see them not have a release title for it! even if it was GT6 but optimised for the PS4 would be cool. but no. they have to be retarded, and release a GT6 for the PS3 which is obsolete the day the PS4 comes out!
    Who makes their business decisions? a retarded cat. and they ask it to point to a plan or something?
    But let me reinterate. now they are 64bit systems. emulation will be a fricking breeze! so i prob wont have to even buy them!
    and if sony and Xbox knew how to embrace such a thing. they should offer the operating system. to PC owners that have good enough systems. for 50% of the price (that would be pure profit)!!!!

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