Every Single Hat In Team Fortress 2, Worn By A Single Character: This Is Only A Tiny Snapshot Of All

Every Single Hat in Team Fortress 2, Worn by a Single Character: This is only a tiny snapshot of all 40-lebem-sebemty-thirteen TF2 hats that Spy has equipped, all at once, in a drawing by DeviantArt's AshleyLange. Trust me, the stack goes up way, way, higher than this. Can you identify them all? This guy tried.


    It's scary how many I can actually name :\ I think I may play a bit too much TF2...

      Haha same. Im pretty sure i can name all those visible ines and have most of them.

    Well that's not right. The spy can't wear some of those hats.

    Missing one hat... the Cheaters Lament


      Anyone with that many hats is CLEARLY cheating, and doesn't deserve one D:

      I cant see it though. Perhaps its under the Christmas tree?

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