Everything You Could Want In A $275 Final Fantasy Keyboard

Everything You Could Want In A $275 Final Fantasy Keyboard

Behold the limited edition Final Fantasy XI XIth Anniversary keyboard, nearly $US300 worth of Moogle-embossed enter keys and FF-fonted F-keys. It’s so beautiful.

Available today for preorder from the fine folks at Hori, the Final Fantasy XI XIth Anniversary (so clever) keyboard looks like the perfect way to have a freaking Final Fantasy-themed keyboard on your desk.

Everything You Could Want In A $275 Final Fantasy Keyboard

I mean, something-something anniversary, celebrations and all that. I only played FFXI for a few months, so I am not as heavily invested as the folks still playing it today. I certainly don’t care about the code that comes in the box for an in-game Mowgli hat, Moguroddo and Town Mog Shield. That’s all well-and-good. I just want the keyboard. Oh, and the box.

Everything You Could Want In A $275 Final Fantasy Keyboard

The Final Fantasy XI XIth Anniversary (still clever) keyboard is available for preorder at Hori’s website for ¥27,800, or about $280, for release on (drumroll) November 11.

Final Fantasy XI XIth Anniversary Keyboard [Product Page, via 4Gamer.net]


  • Not even close, its a regular keyboard with a moogle on it, hardly worth the price tag and its not even ergonomic. Though i shouldn’t be surprised square have all but sold their soul to the devil for a profit these days.

    I for one will never switch from my ever loving ergonomic Microsoft one with its split middle, so much better for posture, hands and wrist.

    • That’s incorrect. This is a Topre keyboard (considered to be one of the best type of switches on the market). This seems to be a regular Realforce keyboard with custom keycaps, and considering this is a LIMITED EDITION keyboard going for the price of a regular topre keyboard, this is a steal.

    • I hate those ergonomic Keyboards, they’re so much harder to touch type than a normal basic keyboard.

    • We sell more normal keyboards than Microsoft’s ergonomic range. Most people who buy it are back in a day or more wanting to return it for a standard shaped Logitec

      Ergonomic Keyboards are considered a nothing more than a marketing ploy these days anyway.

      • A standard keyboard angles your wrists like so
        \ \ / /
        || ||
        that is horrible posture and is VERY bad for you long term

        The ergonomic keyboard takes time to get used to, (Durrrrrr it has different hand placement) but ends up being just as fast to touch type with as any other keyboard unless of course you don’t touch type properly and cross sides, in which case your doing it wrong.

        The ergonomic keyboard with its split and angled middle makes is so that your hands are perfectly straight. IT does this because you can keep your arms and subsequently your hands out wider and at a natural shoulder rotation, instead of having your hands between your nipples, (as with a regular keyboard) avoiding any and all problems.

        Like so
        || ||
        || ||

        So I shall be firm, the ergonomic keyboard is not a ploy and only 100% total, complete, idiots would think so.

        IT is a regular keyboard in the sense that it has no features, it doesn’t have extra mmo buttons specially located, its about as generic a keyboard with poor back lighting as can be. It is only worth the price to a fool (and we know a fool and his money are soon parted), you can go buy yourself any number of the same boards at 1/2 the price and get a custom paint job yourself and likely still save money.

        So all in all every one of you that commented are fools and idiots, so thank you kotaku for breeding such a clueless following….

        • You are welcome to your somewhat aggressive opinion I guess. Perhaps you should do some research since you seem to be quoting an angry version of the same BS they use to sell you these things in the first place.
          Split middle keyboards do indeed make your wrists sit more natural, initially, but it actually ends up creating more problems such as arm fatigue, back/neck/shoulder strain. Moving your right hand which is angled to the left to the mouse results in an increased bending of the wrist which is more detrimental than a standard keyboard. (Extended use obviously)

          Those are the reasons why professional typing coaches tell you NOT to get a ergo, because safe use of the standard keyboard using proven typing techniques built from YEARS of study and practice covers you from rapid onset of typing injuries while ergos constantly undo the the preferred habits.

          We sell out of standard logitech keyboards every few months, while MS ergos sit on the shelf or unopened in the depo for years at a time because NO ONE WANTS THEM.

          Most of them are also rubbish for gaming, the MS 5k was a pile of rubbish since the WASD keys were not set up to be used as directional keys. They also sell various types of ergo keyboards which begs the question, which one is actually better if they all look different? Surely there would be only one safe and preferred shape for typing?….right? Yep, its the standard bloody shape.

          • So what your saying is its better for you but stupid people dont adapt and use it incorrectly untill it does more harm than good.

            Yep that’s their own problem. I simply have my mouse at an appropriate spot so that i don’t mangle parts of my body to use it, so again its still the better option.

            And by split middle keyboard i mean this one, 90% of the “ergononic” ones are trash too.

            I’ve also read/heard how people still twist their wrist on these keyboards, but again that’s them using it incorrectly. You don’t crank your wrist 180 to hit the delete key you simply shift your arm out wider and back again keeping your wrist in the straight natural position.

            NONE of the correct movements will cause you shoulder pain or anything else, the reason these people state so is because people try and keep old habbits with the new keyboard which obviously doesn’t work, doesn’t make it any less of an improvement.

            It took me along time to get used to and find the correct placement for the setup by most people are just unwilling to take the time.

  • You would pay $275 for a $20 keyboard with Final Fantasy font, a picture and a (what I’m assuming isn’t metal) plaque? I’m serious in that I’d rather game on my work keyboard than that by the looks of it. If you’re wanting a gaming keyboard in a traditional layout, do us both a favour, don’t buy this and by both of us a Logitech Gaming keyboard. You’ll have change from buying two keyboards to buy some FF stickers and put them on your keyboard and you have something instantly better than this.

    Why’re Square-Enix so happy to shut down anything fan made that actually looks cool but then tries to rape our wallets with tripe like this? Oh yeah, quality control isn’t a thing in Square-Enix.

  • Whats with the blank key between left ctrl & alt? Looking at it again, the whole bottom row is a bit weird

    Also, is that in UK layout? It doesn’t quite look right but the image is a bit too low res to see for sure

    • The extra keys along the bottom row are for Japanese users to input Kanji. To be more specific I think they allow for cycling between hiragana, katakana and kanji (I don’t know exactly how input on a Japanese keyboard works; but its definitely to do with this).

      • Oh so its effectively a kanji specific shift key? That makes sense. Is the blank key a feature on Japanese KBs as well?

        • I don’t remember seeing a blank key before, but the number of keys along the bottom looks about right. It probably usually has some kanji on it (the circle key too).

  • Yeah what a shame this is just another one of SE’s failings, the font looks nice but is hardly visable, the backlighting is done cheaply – it should be glowing through the keys really, its just regular keys – for that price you can buy mechanical keyboards. All round fail really.

  • It’s a redesigned Topre Realforce keyboard which sells for $200+ with capacitive switches, not really mechanical. So it’s not as big of a rip as people make it out to be…They are also amazing to type on.

    • Hardly even considered a rip off. Topre go for $240+. And this has custom key caps (a set can cost up to $80). This is actually pretty decently priced.

  • Doesn’t look that special. I’m all for geek gear and game themed equipment but hell this doesn’t even light up… I’m all about the fancy lights.

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