Everything You Need To Know About The All-New iPhones

You know how we all get stupidly excited and stay up late for E3 conferences? Well, Apple's product launches are sort of like that. Tech-heads go online to Gizmodo/Lifehacker/Twitter and they, for want of a better word, 'get hype'. Early this morning Apple announced the launch of two new phones: the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. This is everything you need to know about these new phones.


Apple iPhone 5s: Everything You Need To Know Everything? Everything. (Some of the things.)

Everything You Need To Know About Apple's New iPhone 5c It's like the 2DS of mobile phones basically...

Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c: Australian Prices And Release Dates All the local details on the upcoming launch.

Apple iPhone Event Live Blog: Follow All The News As It Happens In case you feel like going back and tracking all the breaking news.

The iPhone 5s Fingerprint Scanner Could Replace Passwords 'Could' being the operative word.

Apple's iPhone 5c Case Looks Like A Cheese Grater Made For A Toddler Why would anyone make a cheese grater for a toddler?

iOS 7 Will Be Out September 18 With Even More New Features Yay, video game controller support!


Apple iPhone 5s/5c: Lifehacker's Complete Australian Launch Guide Lifehacker Editor Angus Kidman is good at this stuff, you can trust him.

There Is No Australia Tax On The iPhone 5s Or 5c No way...

Apple iPhone 5s: Australian Pricing And Availability So when can you get one?


    It's a phone that's slightly better than the one you paid hundreds of dollars for last year. All aboard the hype train I guess.

      The 5C is actually not better at all. It's exactly the same screen, camera and processor, Doesn't come in a 64gb option. It does come with iOS7 which I assume the normal iphone5 will get anyway.
      It has a plastic shell that comes in different colours. Yay.
      It "might" have a better battery because it's thicker and heavier than it iphone5.

      So for absolutely zero upgrade, they want $740 minimum....

      the 5S is a slight incremental update. New processor (64bit), same screen, same battery, same rear camera, better front camera (yay) and a fingerprint scanner.
      Though that one will set you back a minimum of $870.

      Hype train indeed except I see nothing to actually be hyped about. The fingerprint scanner is new sure but we'll have to see real world results first. And other than that it's hardly worth the upgrade.
      Oh and who is going to bother making 64bit apps if only the 5S can run them?

        Yeah same camera in the 5S if you count this making it the same..

        The iPhone 5s has improved its camera by using a larger f/2.2 aperture and a 15 per cent larger sensor. Basically, that means the camera has 33 per cent greater light sensitivity, which will make for better-looking pictures.

          I'm more annoyed with the 5C. The 5S does have some improvements. The camera's optics may have changed but it's still the same resolution and same Megapixels. Yes I know that's not everything and better low light is good, but let's face it. This phone is competing against the best phones on the market. The Xperia Z1, the Nokia 1020, even the S4's cameras are all better (based off reports I've read).
          I just don't think Apple can expect to price this phone that high without some sort of justification. At the end of the day, a similar Samsung phone is closer to the $600 mark.

          I think the nexus 5 will blow this out of the water and it sure as hell wont cost $800+

      What do you consider "slightly better"? A phone that's twice as fast? Better battery? A much improved camera? That's a slight improvement in your eyes? What else would you have improved?

        At that price? Something revolutionary, like the jump from the old hand sets to smartphones. I treat my phones the same way as I treat a gaming console or PC, upgrade once every 5-7 years, once the new tech can justify the cost.

    Meh, I'm just not excited for this as I was for iphone 5, which has been slightly disappointing for me. The network I'm on (Optus) drops out at times when it really shouldn't (like in the middle of a shopping centre and, in some cases, right smack in the middle of Sydney CBD), I think the screen is loose (makes a small popping sound on the touchscreen,) and don't even get me started on battery life - my phone doesn't even last a day, which let me down when I went to Smash - my phone was dead by the time I got to the after party.

    Seriously when my contract is up, I'm considering switching to samsung.

      Most samsung phones don't have a better battery life so you want to look around before jumping. Thinking of changing to the new Nokia Lumia's myself.

        The HTC One caught my eye this year. The only thing I don't like about them is not being able to change the battery or add a storage card

        Rubbish - the Note 2 can last up to two days easily on the 3G network with moderate use

          Yeah, so can an iPhone 5 under the same conditions.

            I wasnt bagging out the iPhone, just stating that the battery life for Samsung handsets is better than what most people seem to think

            I dont use an iPhone, so I wont/cant comment

    The 5c was originally rumoured as a budget phone... A budget phone would be one half the price of the regular one.

    The current prices of the 5c make it almost moot whether you get the 5c or the 5s.

    That USA/AU price discrimination!

      There's very little price difference in the grand scheme of things. If you're talking about the $100-$200 prices, that's at the start of a lock-in contract. Outright pricing after Sales Tax is pretty close to ours and has no 4G in the US.

    So the iPhone 5S is the same phone as the iPhone 5 but with a fingerprint scanner and a couple of other minor upgrades (and you can get it in gold), and the iPhone 5C is a phone which probably costs Apple half the amount of the iPhone 5S but which they're selling for about 85% of the price and hoping to attract all the people who think of most phone and computers as boring but who flocked to buy the colorful iMacs back in the day.

    I'm personally surprised how expensive the 'cheap' model is. My nexus4 cost $419 outright; which is significantly cheaper than a 5c.

    lol, silly nerds. Who would stay up at insane hours for a tech product launch?

    Er... I mean a tech product launch that isn't a new console. *cough* *cough*

    Poo-brown and beige case options now for the 5s?!?!

    Where do I sign up!?

    Wonder what the iphone 7-8-9-10 will look like ....

      Ask Nokia :)

    Did Apple say that the 5C was their "cheap" model? No where can I see that they called it "cheap" i'd be more so saying it stands for colour... Also people thinking Apple would release a cheap model iPhone, dream on. It's Apple, they're all about quality built product for an expensive price..

    "It's Apple, they're all about shiny products for an expensive price."
    ^ Fixed that for you.

    Jeez people are hard on Apple these days... It's a yearly iteration that managed to adopt 64 bit in a mobile, add a fingerprint sensor, improve the camera & ship with a majorly redesigned os. Surely the issue is more with the wankers who carry on like it's the second coming of Christ. As a product it is impressive. The 5C is a misstep, should have been more entry level to replace 4s, keep the 5 as mid tier, giving the whole lineup the new connector and screen size.

      Yeah, I kinda don't see the point of the 5C at that price. It means hardware fragmentation when the price difference between that and the 5S is bugger all. Next to no-one is going to get the 5C who wasn't already prepared to fork out for the 5S.

      Also - and perhaps more importantly - lower-case suffixes? Now someone writing "iPhone 5s" could either be referring to the new model or multiple iPhone 5 models. Idiots.

    I feel like this spec sheet pretty much sums up everyone's feelings:


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