Farming Simulator Was Sold Out, So Andy Murray Bought Grand Theft Auto V Instead

One of the most interesting thing about the launch of Grand Theft Auto V was seeing just how deep the game has wormed itself into mainstream culture. Not only were the games people I follow on twitter constantly discussing it but, as a fan of sport, all of my favourite athletes were tweeting about it.

One of my favourite UFC fighters Alistair Overeem won't bloody shut up about it...

And (supremely offensive) Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle (who actually appeared as a comedian in Grand Theft Auto IV) seems to be playing a lot of it...

But my favourite series of Grand Theft Auto V related tweets came from Scottish tennis superstar Andy Murray.

And in a brilliant twist the game's UK distributor tried to get a bit of a marketing spin out of it!

They are still waiting for a response.


    This is very probably a reference to the latest episode of Mock The Week (, Andy Murray was in the audience and the panel were talking about both GTA5 & Farming Simulator

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