Final Fantasy XIV MMO Log One: There Is No Hate Here

I got a lot of flack last weekend when I wrote about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s launch being a disaster. I get the feeling people thought I was dissing the game. That’s just not true.

I was dissing the fact that so many people who wanted to play it could not do so, myself included. Perhaps “tragedy” would have been a better word, although I somehow doubt that would have stemmed the tide of angry tweets, emails and comments.

Now that the server issues have calmed somewhat, it’s back to the MMO review process as usual, only this time with a video touch. I’ll be doing two or three of these leading up to a full review of the game, and by then all of this congestion nonsense will be behind us, and I’ll never have to play as a Marauder again.

For those of you who’d rather not watch the video, here’s a synopsis: I’m having a good time. Hit me up on Sargaranrtantiris (or whatever) server as Mister Fahey, should you get a chance.

Oh, and I’m sorry for pretending I had no idea what Kotaku was to that one person who messaged me the other day. I was feeling impish.


  • Still haven’t had a chance to play it, bought it to play with mates but they’re on tiamat which has been locked for nearly two weeks, bit po’d but nothing I can do but wait. On the bright side, by the time I get in hopefully everyone will be level 50 and the leveling zones will be clear.

    • Actually because of the way the levelling system is set up, you’ll likely still find lots of people there. Each class has its own level and after a certain point in the story you can change to any class you want as long as you have the appropriate weapon equipped.

  • Think that it costs too much to pay 15 bucks monthly to play the game? Guess what, I got myself a free copy of this game from ff14download . weebly . co­m, it’s cracked by skidrow and it’s FREE FOR LIFE.

  • The maintenance fixed a lot of the server issues, however I’m still getting problems connecting to the JAP realms, my NA/EU characters are getting a lot of playtime though

  • We’ll ironically you don’t want the levelling zones to be clear because you can effectively and efficiently level quicker if there are the right amount of people around you to clear the “Fates”(random occurring events) with. But yeh I have a toon almost at 50 now and I’m enjoying it quite alot, the only gripe I have with it is that it really does seem like most people who play ARR have never played an mmo before because they seem to forget that there are mechanics to dungeons and don’t seem to understand that standing in the BIG RED HIGHLIGHTED HITBOX IS GOING TO KILL YOU.

  • I’ve put my purchase for this on hold now. Grabbed the heavily discounted Divine Divinity II: Developer’s Cut on the weekend, so I’ll play through that till completion before I get FF14. Then there’s always Skyrim, which I never completed.. so I might go and play that to completion as well with as many mods as I can cram into it..

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