Final Fantasy XIV MMO Log Two: A Few Cents Short Of A Dragoon

I really wanted this week’s video MMO log for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to show you my ascension from Lancer to Dragoon at level 30, but I fell short. That I’m bummed about it says a lot about how I feel about the game.

First off, let me just thank all of the nice folks who’ve reached out to me in game. Whether they’ve just wanted to say hello, suggest they might be a fan of my work, or just wanted to express lingering anger over my calling the re-launch a disaster, everyone I’ve spoken to has turned out to be incredibly nice. It’s kind of like being at a Final Fantasy convention. We may have our differences, like mistakenly thinking Final Fantasy VII is better than IX, but in the end we’re there because we love the property.

Or because we’re working on a review. Or both.

But yes, I was really excited to show how far I’d come, and how much further I was hoping to take my suddenly-kitty boy character. Not only that, but my enthusiasm for exploring other avenues in the game, which is why, after two weeks of saying I wanted to play a caster, I went ahead and made one.

I know, I’m breaking immersion with my silly name. I prefer role-playing in an MMO, but I’ve grown tired of trying to find a truly dedicated group. I was spoiled by Funcom’s Anarchy Online, where there were times it felt like entire servers were unified in their play-acting.

So we’re two weeks in now. Around this time in 2010, I was completely sick of and frustrated with the original Final Fantasy XIV. Every time that game came close to delivering the experience I wanted, it fell flat on its face. A Realm Reborn consistently exceeds my expectations.

We’ll probably do one more of these before the final review. That gives me nearly two weeks to try and experience some of the game’s higher level content. Thank goodness there are no major console game releases between then and now.


  • That gives me nearly two weeks to try and experience some of the game’s higher level content. Thank goodness there are no major console game releases between then and now.

    *cough* GTA V *cough* ;P

    Looking forward to the review.

  • I agree with Riavan on the point of content, it is sameish, partly because you have to grind 1 instance and 1 primal battle to accomplish anything but!
    The game is solid, it has a lot of things to do outside of the dungeon grind (FATEs, same character alts) and gathering and crafting are interesting (if a little tedious to level). You can fault the launch and you can fault the current lack of end-game content but you can’t fault the game from a mechanical standpoint. The game is good, which is good because fixing a crap game is a hell of a lot more difficult to do than fixing some server issues or adding new content.

    • There isn’t really a lack of end game content, though (unless you’re bolting through the game and have already done everything) 😮
      We currently have: The Wanderer’s Palace, Amdapor’s Keep (recently patched because people were doing it wrong), Ifrit Hard, Garuda Hard, Titan Hard and The Binding Coil of Bahamut. The first two mentioned being Light Party dungeons and the rest being Full Parties.

      Next patch we’ll be getting a couple of Hard Mode dungeons, Good King Moggle Mog XII, some floors of Crystal Tower (24 party dungeon) and I think an Extreme mode of the three Primals we already know of.

      • There is a huge problem at max currently and that is for all intensive purposes raid ready gear, sure people of exceptional skill and guilds can all do it earlier in lesser gear. But for the semi casual raider who likes to pug (pick up group) it has destroyed end game utterly.

        In most games, even wow, a fresh level cap character has numerous methods of getting ready for raids, they can craft, buy stuff from auction do one of what 7 or more dungeons each with more loot than any i’ve seen drop in FF and in most cases these dungeons takes 20-40 minutes. FFXIV has 1 method, spam the same 2 dungeons almost 100 times

        FFXIV STATED they actually promised that level cap would not be 100% dungeon spammy and they fucking lied. The recently made it so you can’t skip the trash mobs, which ordinarily is not a problem, however in FF they give you nothing, no money no EXP they literally are there to force a 15 minute dungeon into a 60-90 minute grind fest against weak mobs with 300% more hp than they ought to have.

        The problem here is that you need to do somwhere in the vicinity of 50 -100 runs to have full raid ready gear, not only this but the dungeon que times are outrageous for anyone not a tank or healer. Hell even in wow it was maybe 20 minutes. Here you looking easily at 1+ hour to do a single dungeon that will then take another 1 1/2 hours and then repeat 50 times untill you can do the real content.

        The crafted raiding entry gear they also tweaked and now its useless because it now takes around 3 times as many tokens to craft a piece of gear as it does to buy a better version.

        Materials for said gear used to cost 1 coke, which was 5 cokes per 4 runs of a dungeon or something to that effect and 5 cokes would get you enough to craft a piece of gear. IT now cost 9 cokes for a single material which means instead of 4 dungeon runs your now needing 45, at a modest 2 hours per clear your looking at 90 hours probably longer than it took most people to go from lv 1-90 (if they didn’t mess around) for a SINGLE piece of gear, its beyond insane.

        But sure once you get past this stupid (entirely purposeful) time wasting mechanic put in place to punish players (jesus its been 3 weeks, even casuals are at level cap now) and slow them down from clearing content at even a modest place, the actual end game content is fun, but square need to pull their fingers out.

        They should have just delayed launch 2 months so that the rest of the current raiding + housing and all the stuff in the next content patch was ready.

        the rest of the game is pretty great though

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