Final Fantasy XV Sounds Different But Traditional

Final Fantasy XV Sounds Different, But Traditional

Final Fantasy XV looks to be a different-style entry for the series. That was originally the point when the game was still Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Even designer Tetsuya Nomura acknowledges that "Final Fantasy XV is the first action RPG in the series' numbered titles," but that doesn't mean it's not Final Fantasy.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Nomura talked about the game — and perhaps most importantly, what makes the title seem like Final Fantasy. However, there are key differences. Important differences. For example, in the past, there were many pre-rendered cutscenes, but now, thanks to the next generation game hardware, they're able to render the elaborate cutscenes in real time.

The gameplay looks different for a numeric FF title. "The concept of FFXV's battle system is to make fights as seamless as possible and to change characters from situation to situation," Nomura explains. Continuing, he adds that each character has a particular strength that players can use to their advantage.

Final Fantasy XV Sounds Different, But Traditional

Traditionally, Final Fantasy games show numeric values when players attack enemies. Even though Final Fantasy XV is in a new style compared to other numbered Final Fantasy games, it will continue this tradition. "If [the numeric values] disappeared, I don't think it would be very Final Fantasy."

"You fight with your action technique while thinking about the numeric values," says Nomura. "These two types probably don't co-exist in other action-type battles."

FFXV uses the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos, which appeared in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0, as its foundation, but the game takes place in "an original world." This, of course, should be evident by the game's trailer.

According to Nomura, "The story is simple: an enemy nation steals the crystal, and the protagonists must get it back. Amidst that, human relations intersect, expanding into a Final Fantasy-style tale."

Even if the game looks to be the kind of character-based epic Final Fantasy fans have come to enjoy, Nomura is already thinking of ways to enable players to enjoy that in a new way for the console games.

"I want to think about doing something between portable devices [and Final Fantasy XV]," says Nomura.

"Since nowadays it's hard to sit and play in front of stationary console for long periods of time, I think something's necessary so that even when you are out, you can experience the world of Final Fantasy XV."

Final Fantasy XV is slated for the PS4 and the Xbox One. It currently does not have a release date.

『ファイナルファンタジーXV』新世代機で描かれる『FF』を野村哲也氏が語る [Famitsu]


    “You fight with your action technique while thinking about the numeric values,” says Nomura. “These two types probably don’t co-exist in other action-type battles.”

    Except for series like Tales that have been doing it since the SNES...

      Everything i've seen on this game seem to indicate whats been said here, that it "feels" very much like final fantasy, which is the most important point.

      Now after playing through FFXIV to level cap and loving the hell out of that world I feel that just maybe, they can reignite what made Final Fantasy such a great series to being with and if they get that right the fans will return.

      I've also come to love the last few tales games so I think if done right the combat here could help breath new life into the series.

      Last edited 21/09/13 10:39 pm

    Well, the last few FF titles have been such a 'will they/won't they?' flirtation moving away from traditional turn-based friendship that it's painful. Suffering through FF13 was definitely a case of growling at Squenix and Action-Combat, "WILL YOU TWO JUST FUCK ALREADY."

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