Final Fantasy X/X-2 Isn’t The Only Game With A New Vita Slim

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Isn’t The Only Game With A New Vita Slim

To mark the release of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Sony is releasing a special Vita Slim. But this isn’t the only one.

Sony is also releasing Vita Slims for Gundam Breaker and God Eater 2. The Gundam Breaker one is part of a “Starter Pack” that comes with plastic Gundam models. The set is priced at ¥29,480 ($300) and will be out on October 31.

The God Eater 2 Fenrir Edition will be out on November 14 for ¥25,960 ($260).

The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Vita Slim will be out sometime this year.

新型PS Vita本体とゲームソフトをセットにした数量限定モデルが登場。[4Gamer]


  • They’re all AWFUL! For once, Japan doesn’t have impeccable taste when choosing exclusive console colours.

  • The Vita got a hell of an exciting push last night, with some awesome new titles and that interesting new Vita TV hardware

    I hope more people can get on board and enjoy this machine, rather than regurgitate the tired old “it has no games” line

  • How do you stuff up an FF customised handheld? You put the logo on the back/front and you’re done. That looks like one of those aftermarket stickers you buy off ebay. Terrible.

    • Actually, this looks like the american cover for the same games. I suspect they could only make one, and went that route.

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