Finally, Grand Theft Auto’s Most Elusive Easter Egg Is Found

They said it didn’t exist. They said it couldn’t be found. They said it might just be a myth. Oh, but it exists — out there, in the spoilery land of spoilers.

This is your chance to turn back and not be spoiled on one of GTA V’s coolest secrets.

OK, so. For the longest time, Grand Theft Auto players have searched for Bigfoot. Just like real life, there are a lot of stories, lots of myths, and even blurry, likely fake pictures.

But now? Now there’s footage that Bigfoot exists… on GTA V, at least. RocketofRice obtained the footage that’s proof — you, too can see it on a mission called “Predator” in GTA V. (This video has a more clear shot of Bigfoot, but its thumbnail also says BIGFOOT on it, and I didn’t want to spoil people…also, it’s proof this isn’t a fluke, since footage is coming from multiple sources.)

Still sceptical? Here are some stills, courtesy of OscarTheSwede.

Players report that Bigfoot tends to disappear right away, so you have to be quick.

And there you have it. Bigfoot exists, and you can see him if you’re on the appropriate mission. But then again, Los Santos hides things like aliens in it too, so, there you go.

(Via r/GTA V)


    • It’s just a thermal image that doesn’t mention anything about what it’s an image of.
      For all anyone knows, it’s a person.

      • If you’ve been in the GTA-easter egg game long enough, “most elusive easter egg is found” is a pretty telling title.

  • What happens if you headshot him? Surely that’s enough to kill.

    Although, do dead bodies ‘save’? I’ve found that leaving cars and walking away means I lose them. I’m assuming a limitation of current-gen – system isn’t powerful enough to hold location of objects in memory if the world has loaded another part.

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