Find The Quest Giver!

Find The Quest Giver!

Find the quest giver! The latest patch for Mists of Pandaria dropped last night and the days after a major content patch always mean pure chaos. This is the Timeless Isle, one of the new zones in the game, and the only thing that you can clearly see is that the screenshot was taken on a PvE server.


  • /target ‘quest giver’ (or simply cycle through friendly targets), then bind your interact button to a key. Duh. It’s new content 101. =P

  • Trying to click on the quest giver is a nightmare on PVP servers. Im forever clicking on horde and attacking them lol

  • Been a while since I have played WoW but I found that Shift V for NPC nameplates then right clicking on the appropriate bar even in a sea of red was really a non-issue

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