First Look At The Bayonetta Anime

Everyone's favourite pistol heel wearing witch Bayonetta is getting her own anime.

Dubbed Bayonetta Bloody Fate, the anime will open on November 23 in Japan at 10 select theatres across the country for a limited two-week run.

Voice actress Atsuko Tanaka will be voicing the anime's titular character, Bayonetta.

Bayonetta-Movie [Official Site]


    I couldn't even enjoy this prospect for one second without having horror flashbacks to the Devil May Cry anime. I want this to be good!

      I was thinking the same thing. I've just recently finished the DmC anime and I'm hoping this doesn't end up like it.

    Loved bayonetta this looks promising!

    I'm usually not a fan of dubbing, but I hope they can get Hellena Taylor to do an English overdub of this.

    Enchanting and sadistic. Traits every woman should have.

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