First-Person Shooters? I'll Take A First-Person Scorer, Thanks

I'm right in the middle of playing both FIFA 14 and PES 2014 (I'll be comparing them here next week). But as I play them - and in particular the former, which is looking old - my mind drifts to what the football games of the next (or next) generation could/should look like.

And I'm pretty sure they should like this. Up top is an ad, released last month, showing English Premier League outfit (complete with the now-gone Carlos Tevez) Manchester City being put through their paces in a training session. The best parts, though, are the pre-game bits, walking down the tunnel and out into the lineups. I've put some other virtual athlete clips below.

I say this because sports games in 2013 are way too intent on replicating the broadcast experience, or tailoring their structure towards armchair strategists and managers.

Fuck that. That's selling video games short. If we're going to control fake footballers and direct them to do amazing things, why not go for the same immediacy that other genres have found makes their games such compelling experiences?

I've complained about this before, recently, but that was with lame training videos. These give you a much better idea of what I'm talking about.

Seeing Pro Evo replicate a national anthem lineup is like walking through a wax museum. But if you were out there, in first-person, crowd booming in your ears, Oculus Rift (or futuristic successor) strapped to your face...that's what I'd want from a sports game.

We play GTA for the rush of escaping the cops. We play Call of Duty for the rush of the lethal shooting gallery. We should be playing sports games to experience the thrill of being a World Cup-winning goal-scorer, not watching one on the TV.


    You didn't think this one out very well... In those other games, you play as ONE main character, and there's a time lapse if you so happen to change characters during the story. How easy do you think it would be to change 1st person view between different players at a moments notice and have to adjust yourself visually for the change of position?

    The broadcast view is a NEVESSITY for seamless playing and the ability to visual MULTIPLE players/ characters at once...

    Nice article, in theory... Not so much in application

    The problem with a virtual reality football game (like with Oculus Rift) is that football is a team sport. So you would either play as one person and not be a part of the action all the time and let the AI take care of the rest, or you could switch around and confuse the hell out of your orientation and brain. You could also play as a 22 player online game, but why wouldn't you just play actual football then if you're going to see that little ball play?

    Am I the only one completely disappointed by this article after reading the title. :(

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