Football: The Kotaku Review

Football: The Kotaku Review

Today is opening day in the NFL, as good a time as any to remind you of one of the best-designed games in the world: Football. American Football. Tim Rogers gives it a Yes.


    Thanks, Kotaku US.

    Eh, glitchy, pay to win game. Also seems to hang between plays for some reason.

    Also, the fact that it's not region free counts against it, and it seems awfully derivative of that classic game Rugby.


      Plenty of Aussie teams :)

      Love me some NFL myself. GO PACK GO!

    Yankee football: Turn based strategy
    Actual football: Real time strategy

      assuming that by 'actual football' you mean soccer, i agree.

      coz i was thinking that NRL & the like is more akin to tower defense.

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