Here's Proof That Game Of Thrones + Star Wars Would Be Awesome

Game of Thrones + Star Wars Would Be Awesome. Here's Proof.

Darth Khal, huh? I don't know about you, but that's a pretty badass name, I think.

Here's jbcasacop's rendition of a Game of Thrones and Star Wars mash-up, which happened after jbcasacop couldn't decide which franchise to draw. Why pick when you can combine the two together for awesome effect?

Game of Thrones + Star Wars Would Be Awesome. Here's Proof.

You can see more of jbcasacop's work here.

Darth Khal-Drogo [jbcasacop]


    Hate to be 'that guy' but it'd be Darth Drogo. Khal is a title, like King or Darth, Drogo is his name.
    That said, it looks awesome.

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      I also hate to be 'that guy' but the dothraki wouldn't use the force as it will be too much like magic.

        Jedi know its not magic but your midichloriun count

      My thoughts exactly

    So this so what SWTOR 2.4's adding!
    Well, time to make a spot on the dark council for our dear Darth Drogo...

      Personally I look forward to Darth Tyrion... he'll use his mini lightsabre to cut off your c*ck!

    There's so many people in GOT that'd be great in a Star Wars lol

    i'm a star wars

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