Borderlands 2 Toy Line

Gearbox announced a series of Vault Hunter premium collectible statues at its PAX Prime panel today. It showed off a prototype version of the first statue to release, Zer0. Be aware that Randy Pitchford says the base is temporary, but you can get a glimpse of its current status here.


    collectible statues aren't toys...

    i'd be interested in a figma line of borderlands 2 figures though.

    Headline says Toy Line, article says Premium collectible statue. There's a clear distinction between the two; clearly it's the later :-/

    I don't know if I can afford to spend $200-$300 per statue for 5+ statues... let alone the space... My growing TF2 collection is already costly and space consuming...

    I wonder if the prototype will look all awesome in screens and stuff. Then when you get the actual Aliens ga.. I mean Borderlands statue home it turns out to be very different.

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