GOG.com has a stack of cheap games and prizes to celebrate its fifth birthday

GOG.com is turning five, and that means you can save on games! If you follow its twitter account or check its site regularly, you can score deals and get a heads-up about its birthday contests.

Good Old Games (GOG.com) is turning five, and that means you score five weeks of promos and specials, leading up to a grand finale in mid-October.

Right now, its Pick 5 Promo lets you choose five games and save an average of 80% off the price. As an example, Omerta: City of Gangsters is $5 and all the DLCs for the game are now bundled in one single pack. Of you could pay $11 for Torchlight, Anodyne, Evoland, Driftmoon and Sword of the Stars.

For the full list of indie games you can pick with 80% discount, go to the Pick 5 Games Promo Page. The promo ends tomorrow at 2pm, EST.

To add to that, Square Enix titles at GOG.com have 60% off this weekend.

If you want to win five games for free, you could have a stab at writing birthday rap lyrics.

The GOG.com Twitter stream is keeping up a steady trickle of discount announcements, so it might be worthwhile to follow them in the birthday lead-up.


    Too bad I've basically already bought every game worth having on GOG through their previous sales. :(

    Also, I highly recommend Primordia.

    Last edited 15/09/13 3:39 pm

    Have picked up the original Deus Ex and Soul Reaver. Ahhhh memories!

    Dammit, i bought Omerta the other day for $20.... wasn't worth that either :(

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