Goichi Suda's New Game Is Lily Bergamo

Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture was acquired by GungHo, and the first title to emerge is Lily Bergamo. It's an online title for the PS4. Details are scant, but it will feature a feature a female heroine.

Lily Bergamo [YouTube]


    "We made her beautiful, so you can enjoy that"

      Typical japan. Look at ff15, all the characters look like metrosexual fashion models. It kind of ruins the versimilitude.

        I was just attempting to quote yesterdays livestream, albeit poorly

        Typical japan.Typical society you mean? Western society also has a strong tendency to promote the ideal of the metrosexual male. Anyway, it makes a nice counterbalance to the no-neck, muscles galore, perma-frown, bald male characters that Western games are known for.

    Love her outfit! Bandage dresses finally become literal ;)

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