Google Has A Cool Little Game On Its Site Today

If you're anything like me, you use Chrome as your browser and never bother opening up the actual Google homepage. If that's the case you might have missed the cool little Smack the Pinata game they have running in the background today!

It's pretty simple, but it's also stupidly cute. I particularly like the part where your character smiles when he hits the Pinata successfully, but looks really sad when he misses it!

My current record is 169! That'll give you something to aim for (and beat in precisely thirty seconds...)


    Got 171 about 10 mins ago.

      Also got exactly 171 after a few attempts. That leads among my friends who were telling each other about it (at least at this moment). Next best 164.

    Of course, with the recent Chrome update, you get the Google doodle and search every time you open a blank tab now. Which is pretty cool

    I've reached 172, but I think that's nearing the limits of diminishing returns.

      Nope. Hit 180!!!

        Congrats, my best after giving it another go after lunch is 178. I'm wondering if 200 is the absolute max if it is done perfectly... and I mean PERFECTLY, every swing.

    176 was my best score today and 0 was my worst score :)

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    just got 178. try to hit it when it is as far away from you as possible for best results =].

    176 seems to be the best i can do, keep playing it a couple of times every time i open a browser :P

    I managed to get a 184 in something like twenty attempts

    Got 177. My secret is to hit it as early as possible!

    182 candies!!!

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