Grand Theft Auto V And The Midnight Launch That Was

The midnight launch experience is a special one. You get excited, you drive to the store in the dead of night. You wait in line. You get your video game and you go home. You get super excited. You try to play and then you fall asleep on the couch unconscious. I've been there so many times! This brilliant video by B Bloomfield sums up the whole experience brilliantly.

This is a real life experience perfectly documented. I just love it, from his shock at the kids walking out with a copy of an R18+ game, to his spamming of the elevator button. Just a great video.

This is the midnight launch encapsulated into a two and a half minute video. Brilliant work.


    Was this article necessary?

      Was this comment necessary?

        Was this response necessary?

        Last edited 24/09/13 10:01 am

          I kind of think it was. If Harrydapro thinks the article was unnecessary then surely it follows that his comment pondering the necessaryness of it all was itself unnecessary. If he doesn't feel like this article is necessary (for him) then it was probably necessary for him to just not read it and move on. It definitely wasn't necessary for him to then reply to this seemingly unnecessary article with a positively unnecessary comment.

          Also, if I never have to type the word necessary again it will be too soon. :P

          Edit: I spelled 'necessary' wrong....

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            My head hurts and necessary no longer sounds like a real word anymore.

          Was yours?

          Was mine???


          *jumps out the window*

          Was this response to your response necessary? You decide!

        Is anything necessary? How about we just drink water and eat soylent. Just sustain ourselves with barest amount of nutrition leaked into some sort of bubble capsule intravenously and live our lives like meditating buddhist monks. Abandon all earthly things and just do nothing ever. Read nothing. Share nothing. Talk about nothing. Do nothing. Complain when anyone does anything.

        Yeah, let's just do that.

          Ok we're doing this now? Cool...

            It wasn't a response to you, but sure! Why not!

            It's a perfectly valid response to the incessant fuckery that plagues the comments section of many articles on Kotaku these days. How dare Mark post a video about a midnight launch for one of the most hyped games of the last 5 years? People like 'harrydapro' are the reason we can't have nice things. I applaud Mark's self restraint in not doing this more than he does, because it's been completely warranted on several thousand other occasions.

            Last edited 24/09/13 11:19 am

          I agree, I think, well I'm not sure any more.... bubble.

          Mark just went full philosophical up in here..back away

          The only thing necessary is the need to maintain fluids and energy in the body as well as oxygen in the bloodstream.. everything else is pointless.

            Actually, psychology and mental/emotional well-being play a significant role in physical health, so if 'survival' or 'existence' are your goals, you'll need to ensure the psyche is engaged in order to prolong the survival of the body.

            ...This be gettin' complicated.

          As long as it wasn't soylent green detective thorn ummmm err I'm mean Serrels

          People in the store would be pissed if I showedup in a giant bubble for the midnight launch!

      You being born necessary?

        you could really argue that being necessary is the condition of existence? if it wasn't necessary that something existed then it couldn't exist...?

        take the definition of necessity as: 'The fact of being required'. surely something is required to 'be' for it to exist. so necessity is a condition of Being

        So I suppose what I'm saying is... this article existing means that it is necessary for it to exist

    Love the floating game, I now imagine that it delivered itself to the apartment, occassionally growing arms to spam the lift button.

    GTA launch was awesome. Did heaps of coke on the EB counter before we opened. We were so smashed we didn't even clean it up. Stupid kids thought it was a joke! That was AAA grade stuff. Good times ;-)
    Anyway gotta get to work and I can see unattended car.

      Be sure to murder anyone who loudly announces they're going to call the police if you want to keep out of trouble.

    How did those minors get a hold of......tsk tsk rotund EB manager.

      Unlikely the manager, it's a pretty bad penalty for doing so.
      More likely

      At the launch I went to there was heaps of kids who I watched their parents/older brothers/ relatives
      Buy it and hand it over to the kid,
      Which wasn't actually that surprising to see

        A rational explanation. You're no doubt right....deep down I just wanted to use the word 'rotund' in a sentence. Hehe.

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