Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters Is Blowing My Mind

This weekend I played through a bunch of Grand Theft Auto V, and I mainly stuck to the proper missions. But now that I've watched Episode 2 of GTA V Mythbusters, I realise that I'm totally doing it wrong. I need to mess about more and experiment with weird stuff!

Can you derail a cable car? Can you shoot a sticky bomb in mid-air? Do you explode if you set yourself on fire whilst holding a jerry can? If you stalk someone long enough will they turn around and totally kill you? These are all valuable questions and GTA V Mythbusters attempts to answer them.

Easily the worst question is this: will Chop fetch a grenade? I couldn't watch man. I just couldn't watch. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO CHOP?


    I accidently killed chop.......I was hanging around my house blowing stuff up and the poor dog got in the way, I felt a little bad......especially since my daughter was watching me play at the time.

    He was fine the next day so no harm no foul I say.

      How old is your daughter?

        You do realise that question makes you sound rather creepy, yeah?

      Yeah, I killed him too. Not long after I got him, I drove into the driveway, and the stupid dog ran out in front of the car. Same as you, next day he was there.

        The first thing I did when I got Chop was make him fetch the ball in traffic.

    I was revving my engine and spinning my wheels a little while waiting behind someone at a set of lights during a mission. The guy in front of me eventually got out and beat me senseless. Very cool.

    "If you stalk someone long enough will they turn around and totally kill you?"

    But that is not true.. that is a off mission from one of the characters (Trevor) so it should be busted not confirmed as it only happens on that mission and not with any npc..

      Actually if you stalk one of the other characters off mission (I tested this with Franklin stalking Michael) they will start to get pissed and eventually just turn around and kill you. But you're right NPCs shouldn't do this as far as I know but for the sake of science (!) I shall test this theory :)

        When I saw that part of the video I got excited (I am still waiting for my copy to arrive so not gotten to play yet) but then I realized it was showing 2 of the main characters and not NPCs.

        Basically the question should have been worded different :) But I would have loved to see NPC's get pissed if you followed them long enough and turn around and hit you, or start running scared or something :)

    When I was playing as Trevor I followed Michael around and he didn't like it so he King Hit me and killed me.

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