GTA V Gate Is A Secret Car Catapult

Next time you drive up to Michael's front gate in Grand Theft Auto V, you might want to give it a nudge. What appears to be a simple security gate is actually a deadly car catapult.

Shame these won't count as stunt jumps, and that the gate will likely lose its magic powers after the next update. So enjoy it while you can.

GTA V: Gate Launch Glitch (Tutorial) [SomeFilthyCasuals]


    They should keep it in there for giggles like they did with the swing set glitch in GTA4 :)

    I hope they keep it in! I lost many an hour with the swing glitch in GTA 4 online.

    car catapult? tsk tsk tsk. carapult!

    Like other people said, I wouldn't be surprised if it's an Easter egg. Throwback to the GTA4 swing car-a-pault.

    I get this almost every time i drive over a witches hat, its annoying as all hell, especially when im in a race

    @os42 this is what i was talking about in that other thread, but instead of gates i get this on most if not all witches hats.

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      Hrmm.. never had it happen on any witches hats.. I'll try and find some witches hats tonight to test it out... does the car need to hit it from a particular angle etc?

        only common factor is its usually not head on, and im braking when it occurs.

      Yup, I have had the witches hat one a couple of times whilst being chased by cops.

    michaels gate doensnt look like that in mine, im not that far through the game though

      Author incorrectly referred to it being the gate to Michaels home; this location is a block or two to the west of Michaels home.

    God DAMNIT!!!!!

    I've already had the game since midnight launch a week and a half ago, and I only just last night got up to Trevor's start missions.....


    Because I keep getting distracted by all the little things in the world..... car collecting, trying out all of the cars/trucks/boats/planes, robbing stores....... now my session tonight is going to be 2 hours of THIS [I think I've spent more time playing in the swings in GTA4 then I've put in to entire other games]....

    Now I remember why I've never finished the campaign in any GTA ever..... though this one the characters are actually compelling enough that I probably will.

      thats cause you are playing it right :P

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