GTA V Gets Trolled Hard

GTA V Gets Trolled Hard

You can’t get GTA V on Steam today, but you can get GATV, a pack of downloadable content for Saints Row 4 that seems to have been created just to troll Rockstar.

The developers at Volition have always had a cheeky sense of humour, and this is pretty much the perfect prank: unbeatable promotion for their open-world game on release day for the world’s biggest open-world game. The DLC is free for today only too.

Saints Row publisher Deep Silver has even paid to promote the tag #GATV on Twitter today, leading to a lot of confused reactions:

D-day for gamers!! #GATV is out today! Did you get the game at midnight?
— Marysabel Huston CNN (@hustonCNN) September 17, 2013

Hahaha. #GATV is trending – Guess people love Grand Auto Theft 5.
— Metafron (@MetaFlame) September 17, 2013

what’s #GATV I thought it was Grand Theft Auto
— ITS ME JANINE (@janinepho) September 17, 2013

Why is GATV promoted by saints row?
— Torn (@spikeymikey0302) September 17, 2013

The fact that “GATV” is trending leaves me little hope for humanity. There are FOUR letters to abbreviate this game, and you can’t manage it
— Zac Zavakos (@Z_Squared_ZnZ) September 17, 2013

Saints Row is promoting “#GATV“… Like… Y’all spelled it wrong… AND it’s a separate game… I don’t understand.
— Snowflame ただ神話 (@arikwactor) September 17, 2013

I think that no one has realised that #GATV is misspelled is what’s wrong with society.
— Chris Lewis (@ColeWorldChris) September 17, 2013

I almost thought #GATV was #GTAV Saints Row is desperate for attention lol
— At Eaze (@AtEaze808) September 17, 2013

How is #GATV #1 trend, it’s misspelled �� smh
— ≫ I S A I A H ≫ (@HashtagIsaiah) September 17, 2013

SMH indeed. SMH indeed.

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