GTA V Gets Trolled Hard

You can’t get GTA V on Steam today, but you can get GATV, a pack of downloadable content for Saints Row 4 that seems to have been created just to troll Rockstar.

The developers at Volition have always had a cheeky sense of humour, and this is pretty much the perfect prank: unbeatable promotion for their open-world game on release day for the world’s biggest open-world game. The DLC is free for today only too.

Saints Row publisher Deep Silver has even paid to promote the tag #GATV on Twitter today, leading to a lot of confused reactions:

D-day for gamers!! #GATV is out today! Did you get the game at midnight?
— Marysabel Huston CNN (@hustonCNN) September 17, 2013

Hahaha. #GATV is trending – Guess people love Grand Auto Theft 5.
— Metafron (@MetaFlame) September 17, 2013

what’s #GATV I thought it was Grand Theft Auto
— ITS ME JANINE (@janinepho) September 17, 2013

Why is GATV promoted by saints row?
— Torn (@spikeymikey0302) September 17, 2013

The fact that “GATV” is trending leaves me little hope for humanity. There are FOUR letters to abbreviate this game, and you can’t manage it
— Zac Zavakos (@Z_Squared_ZnZ) September 17, 2013

Saints Row is promoting “#GATV“… Like… Y’all spelled it wrong… AND it’s a separate game… I don’t understand.
— Snowflame ただ神話 (@arikwactor) September 17, 2013

I think that no one has realised that #GATV is misspelled is what’s wrong with society.
— Chris Lewis (@ColeWorldChris) September 17, 2013

I almost thought #GATV was #GTAV Saints Row is desperate for attention lol
— At Eaze (@AtEaze808) September 17, 2013

How is #GATV #1 trend, it’s misspelled �� smh
— ≫ I S A I A H ≫ (@HashtagIsaiah) September 17, 2013

SMH indeed. SMH indeed.


  • It was actually free a day or two ago apparently. Cause I downloaded it when steam popped up saying ‘free for today’.

  • These guys are funny.
    Saints Row IV was a comedy fest, some very funny and entertaining moments.
    A lot more fun to play than the game they are trolling.

      • Yep – they were between a rock and hard place with me – I haven’t finished SRIII yet and about 6 months ago I bought Prototype 2 cuz I wanted that sort of superhero caper so that itch is scratched!

    • 20 bucks with all the DLC.. I really regret paying the 50 something dollars for SRIV, sure it’s fun, but it’s very repetitive in what I have to do in the game, hacking gets boring, fighting alien gangs gets boring, finding 1200 clusters for my super powers gets boring etc

  • I for one am loving SR4 and best of all it’s available for the PC. GTA5? See you when you’re out on a serious platform.

      • Fair cop. I can’t argue with that. I do find it annoying though that they have abandoned the platform that built them in the first place.

        But in the meantime, SR4 is a fun diversion.

        • I gotta say having played and mostly finished SRIV on PC, it’s okay. Not what I had hoped, especially with the same old boring Steelport. I then picked up GTA V on PS3 this week, and holy shit, it’s everything and more I could’ve hoped.

          Also if you want to get technical, GTA found it’s place and got big on the consoles. When it became a 3D game GTA III it was first released on the PS2 and only on PS2 for 6 or so months before it got a PC release, same with Vice City, then they both eventually got an Xbox release in that GTA pack, and San Andreas, that came to both consoles simultaneously but took another 6-8 months to come to PC, likewise GTA IV.. GTA became totally different when they switched from top down to a 3D world. So I don’t think PC built them, when GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas were all console only games first off and massive on them.

          Usually I would agree with you, but honestly the GTA franchise has done fine with out the PC platform. I had never played GTA on a PC before IV came out, I always played them on console, and it’s where they feel at home honestly.

          • To be fair, GTA 1 and 2 were initially PC releases (PS1 later). they have their roots in the PC platform, but many would argue they were perfected in GTA3 on the console platform. Even so, the PC “ports” of GTA3 and GTAIV are better, IMHO, than the console versions.

          • I hear you there, that’s where I first played GTA was on the PC, back in the very late 90’s I then later got them on PS1. I did prefer GTA IV on the PC as opposed to the console version. GTA III feels like a great port too, shame with Vice City & San Andreas they never fine tuned the flying controls for PC, I always disliked that.

            I must say I am finding GTA V on the PS3 great to control though, hopefully when they bring it to PC they can also make it feel right at home. Max Payne 3 felt pretty good on PC, hopefully they can copy how that worked.

          • I really miss some things about GTA 2. I know it would create a lot of content a player wouldn’t explore, but I’d really like to see the Gang meter from GTA 2 returned. As I played GTA 3, I was impressed, but I remember feeling the lack.

  • Volition trolls Rockstar with their GATV hashtag.
    Rockstar walks away with $800 million in sales in one day.

    Somehow I don’t think Rockstar will be burned too badly by this.

    • David vs Goliath… to be honest I have had more fun with Sr4 since it came out in US but played more hours on GTAV somehow since having it Sunday night, two very different games and SR4 Is sooooo funny

  • All I see is a company wanting in on the massive hype of the GTA name. I don’t see any trolling, only stupid people not taking their time to read..

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