GTA V Physics Look Even More Stupid In Real Life

GTA V Physics Look Even More Stupid In Real Life

There should really be a QWOP mini-game in GTA V; sometimes the physics are just as hilarious. And if you ever wondered what these failed parkour attempts would look like in real life, well, thanks to Vine your wish is now granted.

Luckily the footage doesn't involve vehicles, only two empty garbage bins.

GTA V Physics [Curtis Leopore, Vinescope]


    almost the first thing I did with Franklin was accidentally jump too early into a fence and watched him cripple himself. I've not stopped doing it since.

      I did exactly the same thing. As soon as the intro mission was done - boom - fencefail

    I think Trevor's lost a bit of co-ordination after years of meth abuse.

    It's actually really easy to have a ton of fun with the physics in GTA V. If you jump and then press B/Circle, you'll go straight into ragdolling. You can strangely do a ton of damage to vehicles if you jump from a height.

    One gif posted by kotaku that I actually care about.
    can't stop watching,... still funny every time.

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