Guess You Guys REALLY Wanted A New Mega Man Game, Huh

Guess You Guys REALLY Wanted A New Mega Man Game, Huh

Boy, you guys sure showed Capcom. Having consigned Mega Man to the dustbin of history, the Japanese publisher is probably kicking itself watching the Kickstarter for the series’ spiritual successor – Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 – blow past its funding goal in just 24 hours.

Having asked for $US900,000, the game – which is basically a HD Mega Man in all but name -is now sitting at over $US1 million, and that’s with 29 days left on its campaign.

It’ll be interesting to see how much more money it raises; $US1.35 million brings the promise of Mac & Linux versions, while $US2.5 million would see the team release the game on 360, PS3 and Wii U.

Awesomely, one person has also thrown down the $US10,000 necessary for a dinner in Tokyo with creator and long-time Mega Man mentor Keiji Inafune.

Mighty No. 9 [Kickstarter]


  • I’m just going to wait for the release on this one, which won’t be until Apr 2015 (at best).. it boggles my mind how it can take that long to create a side-scroller with a AAA team and even $900k let alone the amount they are going to raise.

    • It boggles my mind how a power plant works, but that’s because I don’t know anything about it, just like you obviously don’t work in a development field

  • Yeah a stretch goal of more staff/earlier release date would be good. Seems like they have a tiny team if this is taking 2+years(because they’re already started designing & doing art already).

    • yeah 2 years is quite a bit of time, and by then the xbox one and ps4 will have plenty of titles. A sidescroller surely doesnt need the highest of definition graphics to be able to run on a PC in 2 years.

  • As much as i loved playing mega man games, Keiji keeps talking about being new and innovative, but so far i havnt seen anything that looks new or fresh (unless his idea of innovative is putting the buster on the left hand) I hope i’m proven wrong, but right now all i see is a megaman game claiming to be new… that’s some nintendo sh*t right there..

    • If the only innovation he makes over the old megaman games is putting the buster on the left hand, its gonna be a great game.

      • That’s fine, it’s something i would thoroughly enjoy, I just dislike it when someone claims something to be new and innovative, when it isnt. It’s like someone saying “This is not a chocolate milkshake, it’s a caramel milkshake” I’m still going to drink that sh*t down, but id rather not be told it’s caramel..

        • Don’t forget the difference between classic Megaman and Megaman X though. The man is not that elusive to innovation.

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