Guy Re-Scores All Of Ni No Kuni's Music

This is pretty incredible: 23-year-old musician Sam Joseph Delves put together an orchestra and re-scored the RPG Ni no Kuni in its entirety. "With the help of BBC documentary composer Howard Davidson I was able to take the music to the studio with a purpose built video game orchestra in an attempt to film and record as much as possible," Delves tells us. "It is set out as a series of YouTube videos featuring the orchestra playing along to the game. The EP is also available to download."

You can find the whole thing right here.

For comparison, let's look at one of Delves's tracks:

Compared to one of the original tracks, by Ni no Kuni composer Joe Hisaishi:

Now I'm not saying Delves's score is better than Hisaishi's — we're talking about a totally different scale here — but it sure is impressive work.

"I've long been a reader of Kotaku and hoped this might be worthy of a mention on the site," says Delves. "I'm hoping to create some online attention so that I may increase my chance of getting a response from Studio Ghibli or Hisaishi himself, whatever a response that may be!"


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