Happy 15th Birthday, Metal Gear Solid

Happy 15th Birthday, Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid turns 15 today. To celebrate, Konami wants you to buy it on PSN, which I suppose is a decent way to celebrate.

I'm sure you've got favourite moments and memories surrounding the iconic stealth-action series, so please do share them here: cardboard boxes, pornographic mags, shaky sniper rifles, whatever. How are you celebrating the 15th anniversary of what some call one of the greatest games of all time?



    husky voice: hmmmmm
    husky voice: metal gear..

    I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm, in flap-jaw space, with the tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hiri-Kiri rock!

    I need scissors! 61!

    Ashley Wood is the man.

    When Legacy comes out I will be have an MGS Marathon.

    To celebrate, Konami wants you to buy it on PSN

    When I read that, I assumed they might be encouraging the purchase by having it on sale or something. But no. In fact MGS, like the Final Fantasy games, actually costs about twice as much as most other PS1 games on PSN. Seriously - almost $15 for a 15 year old game?

    At this point, PS1 games should be priced like mobile games. Most phone games these days are more technically impressive than PS1 games, and the PS1 games already made their money years ago when they first game out.

      True, though to be fair, all the MGS1-3 and MGS:PW all have had some pretty big discounts over the past 6 months. I got them all on 360, PS3 and Vita for less than $15.

    The End.

    What a boss fight. With thermal goggles on I slowly made my way towards him..raised the sniper scope and fired. "Meeehh" *drop*. It turns out after what felt like forever of getting into position I was sneaking up upon a goat (or whatever the animal was that looks goatish).

    Seconds later a cut scene happened. The End shot me with a tranq dart and threw me in prison.

    I was owned by The End.

      I went on holidays when I got up to him and later found him dead. A few days afterwards I was told that was a legit way to kill him. Cool idea I say.

        If you're in game and take too long to kill him he will die of old age haha.

    Why doesn't Konami celebrate by releasing Sins of the Father? That would be good!

    The dog tags I got from the Metal Gear Solid: Premium Edition. Still have them, and still wear them ocassionally - though it's a lot harder to stick my head through the chain than it used to be.

    Metal gear solid on PS1 is the only one with solid all around story. all the others are great stories but you can find flaws in them. while MGS was flawless. everything was explained very well and not confusing. MGS3 comes very close.

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