Have A Few Seconds' Worth Of Final Fantasy XV

Yeah, just a few seconds. But it's still Final Fantasy XV! The Tokyo Game Show brings us a "new" (there's lots of re-used footage) three-minute trailer for the upcoming PS4/XBO title Final Fantasy XV, wherein the hero faces Leviathan and smashes an armoured soldier into a police car. What a rascal!


    Don't forget the PC tag ;D

    *keeps hopes way up*

    You've got to admit, going from a void of silence to a full-blown epic like this, Square pulled a pretty amazing job of keeping quiet for all those years. It blew me away

    Been waiting since 2006 well damn worth it!!!

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    It looks like the teleportation thing can be used for exploration, which is awesome. Plus, that map looked pretty open (yay!). I'm a bit worried they didn't have footage of a new area but. I hope it's a 2014 release but please, SE, no later than 2015

    I for one can't wait for this Crystal series to be over and done with and hope that just maybe, Square Enix will listen to the fans and go back to their roots. Won't happen though. A lot of the excitement for XV I feel is similar to the excitement before XIII came out. 'ooooo pretty and battles look amazing' and then you play it and you yearn for proper turn based combat

      Indeed.. I hope that doesn't happen.. I hope that what we saw in this preview is just the action parts of the game and that there will still be turn-based combat as well...

    I think this trailer shows two things.
    1. Why they had so much trouble making it on PS3 hence delay after delay and
    2. Why next gen is justified to give bigger more open dynamic experiences.

    Eh, I just can't make myself excited for this. Apart from the stupid hairdos and token monsters, this just doesn't look like Final Fantasy... Not the FF I grew up loving, anyway.
    Will I buy it? Of course, I own every game in the series. I just hope the actual game is more engaging than this trailer.

      Yeh the combat looks nothing like a FF.. I man, it reminds me more of God of War.. and then there is other bits and pieces that remind me of Shadow of the Collossus.. and so on.. lots of elements from other games but no JRPG signature turn-based combat.. but maybe they just haven't shown that as it's UI heavy and this sneak preview into the game is more about the "wow" factor.. will just have to wait and see..

        I can see the combat being a lot closer to Kingdom Hearts (seeing as though as far as I've heard they're using a lot of what is being used in this in Kingdom Hearts 3) If it's anything like the combat in KH2 and Birth By Sleep I can see it working pretty well, but yes still a pretty far leap from the FF of old. One of my most anticipated releases for the PS4 (and KH3 of course but I'll be waiting forever for that...)

    Forget Shadow of the Colossus.. we have FFXV.

    THIS is the reason to by a PS4/XBO.

    I've been a huge fan for years, but after the last one I refuse to buy another unless they commit to going back to turn-based combat - or at least to actually controlling your characters rather than just vaguely directing them.

    I don't mind the modern/technological style as long as it's actually enjoyable and challenging to play. The visual style has changed a little, but that's not unusual - the basic FF elements are still there.

    But don't care how flashy it looks, give me my GAMEPLAY. Every time I see fast action (where it isn't a summoning spell), I'm LESS interested in the game, not more.

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