Hayao Miyazaki Explains Why He’s Retiring

Hayao Miyazaki Explains Why He’s Retiring

There have been many questions concerning why famed animator Hayao Miyazaki is retiring. Today in Tokyo he answered them.

Best known for films like My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki spoke frankly about his decision to retire in a NicoNico streamed press conference, saying, “I know I’ve mentioned I’m retiring many times in the past, so I know that many of you might think, oh again. This time is for real.”

“There were tons of things (anime) I wasn’t able to do, but there were reasons why we didn’t do them. There were so many ideas that popped in my mind, but it’s not something I should mention publicly.”

The director spoke about how his eye sight was getting worse, making it hard for him to create his animation. He also said how each year, he is leaving his desk earlier and earlier.

A reporter noted that Miyazaki’s official retirement statement stated that he was retiring from making feature films. “As long as I can drive,” Miyazaki replied, “I will be going to the studio every day. But if there’s thing I want to do, then I will.”

Miyazaki stated he needed to rest, and he didn’t want to make any promises. When he asked if he planned to produce a Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind sequel, he said no. The famed animator said there were things he wanted to do, but said he wasn’t willing to state them publicly if he isn’t able to do them.

According to Miyazaki, he said if he were to think of the next film, it will take six or seven years to complete the film. “I feel that my days in feature film are done,” the 72 year-old Miyazaki said. “If I said I wanted to [make a feature film], I would sound like an old man saying something foolish.”

In his official retirement statement (here), Miyazaki wrote that he wants to work “for another 10 years.” He added that it might be shorter, as you can’t decide your own life span, but he is aiming for another 10 years that isn’t filled with feature film production.

“I will be free,” Miyazaki said. “I would like to do something else, and that’s not animation.”

Miyazaki said he would like to be more involved in the Ghibli Museum on a volunteer basis. “Maybe, I’ll be exhibited in the museum,” Miyazaki joked.

スタジオジブリ 宮崎駿監督 引退記者会見 [NicoVideo]

Photo: AP

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