He Forged The Meteor Sword From Avatar, Then He Cut Stuff With It

For a long time, young Sokka was the Xander Harris of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He didn’t have any sweet bending powers and he wasn’t the Avatar; he didn’t have a great, noble destiny. He was just a dude with a boomerang. Then, he got the meteor sword.

More precisely, he met Fire Nation swordmaster Piandao, who taught Sokka to fight and crafted the sword for him. And now, we can watch our own swordmaster — Man At Arms‘ Tony Swatton — craft his own version of the sword out of actual meteor parts.

Come for the fun lesson in swordcraft, stay for all the cutting! Turns out this sword is sharp enough to cut through a lot of everyday objects including — awesomely — a certain DVD that very, very much deserves some cutting.


  • Holy crap that’s awesome although They should’ve cut up James Cameron’s Avatar while they were at it and get rid of two awful Avatar movies in one go

  • Props for Xander reference. Totally underrated hero. I was happy he got his own Buffy ep. One of the best lines in the series came out of that. “I like the quiet.”

  • Boomerang, you came back! – Sadly, the best line in Avatar. I have an unhealthy obsession with such comments.

    I though, and It has I admit been a few years, he actually taught Sokka to make swords, and Sokka made the sword? Am I misremembering?

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