Heavily Armed Cops Turn Up To GTA V Launch Stunt

Heavily-Armed Cops Turn Up To GTA V Launch Stunt

A stunt at a game store in France went pear-shaped earlier in the week when staff dressed like gangsters for the GTA V launch, and did such a good job a police armed response team showed up.

The staff, from a Micromania store in Montargis, not only dressed the part, but also sported replica handguns.

Which is likely the catalyst for concerned onlookers calling the cops, after which 15 officers with submachine guns rushed to the store, to find two very frightened employees.


Des armes factices pour la sortie de "GTA V" : le drame évité de justesse dans une boutique de jeux vidéo à Montargis [La République du Centre, via GamePolitics]


    Has the world always been this stupid or is it getting worse?

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      Always been this way, we just live longer so we end up with multi-generational stupidity!

      No the world has just gotten more stupid and paranoid since 9/11.

      There was a report i saw a couple years ago, about how armed police busted into a house, because the neibour called the police saying she saw "armed men" in the back yard, turns out it was kids playing cops and robbers.

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        because a guy dressed in military combat gear shot and murdered a whole bunch of people at the dark knight rises premiere in 2012. not 9/11. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Aurora_shooting)

    Goes to show. If you're planning on doing anything even SLIGHTLY potentially misrepresented as terrorism or violent crime, call ahead to let the cops know what you're doing.

    Kind of like that Penny Arcade report article about 'SWATting' pranks pulled by CoD players on each other over XBL. Whenever the editor there is copping Internet rage over some issue or another, he makes sure to let the police know that he's currently the target of a shit-storm, so they don't bum-rush his house with a battering ram and assault weapons because some juvenile asshole thought it'd serve him right to cop a fake report.

      pretty much right on the money, I worked for a EB at the time of GTA IV launch, we dressed up as gang members/swat team and made sure the cops knew about it well in advance. They gave the expected advice about not having realistic guns outside of the event and sent a couple of officers over 'as a precaution'.. who were clearly the constables who wanted to buy it so they could play it when they got home.

      They even didn't give a damn when I rode my BMX home at 1 in the morning in a full swat costume and a dufell bag full of toy guns.

    Once the whole world has proper internet access it will be like a floodlight shining down on stupidity.

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