Here Are All The Grand Theft Auto V Cheats…

Here Are All The Grand Theft Auto V Cheats…

As far back as I can remember, Grand Theft Auto has always had the best cheats. It was always one of those games where cheats were actually integral to the gaming experience. Grand Theft Auto V will be no exception and, a day after the game’s release, it looks as though a whole set of cheats have already been discovered…

You can find all the currently discovered Grand Theft Auto V cheats on Xbox 360 here. The PS3 cheats can be found here.

There are some good ones in here already: explosive melee attacks, the ability to change the weather, to spawn stunt planes, etc. The usual gameplay extending stuff.

Just thinking about Grand Theft Auto cheats has gotten me nostalgic. I remember when the first Grand Theft Auto came out on PC and I was completely amazed: since it was made in Scotland, a bunch of the cheats were references to Scottish culture. Being Scottish, I thought this was the greatest thing ever.

If you wanted ammo for all of your guns, you typed in ‘Buckfast’. Buckfast is a disgusting, cheap wine made by monks that was popular with teenage alcoholics when I was growing up. It’s like a proper cultural phenomenon. Mention ‘buckie’ to any Scottish person and they will instantly know what you are talking about.

If you wanted to open all levels you typed in ‘nineinarow’, which is a reference to football team Glasgow Rangers. Round about the time when the original Grand Theft Auto was released, Rangers were in the midst of a record breaking streak of Scottish Premierships. As a Glasgow Rangers fan, this made me giddy with joy.

Another football reference was ‘superwell’, which was a cheat that unlocked all levels and cities. Super Well is the nickname for football team Motherwell. I grew up 10 minutes from Motherwell. My Dad worked in Motherwell as a Firefighter for 20 years!

As a teenager growing up in Scotland, these codes were just the best.


  • I won’t use cheats for two reasons.

    1 It allows me to finish the game quicker, which just makes me feel like I’ve cheated myself.


    2 It disables Achievements/Trophies.

    • The reference in the article to “extending gameplay” I think is the exception to this. I tend to have moment in GTA when I get bored, so I save, spawn something ridiculous, and see what crazy crap I can do with unlimited ammo. Then turn it off without saving, so it doesn’t affect my progress (at least, it didn’t in past GTAs).

  • Cheats are perfect for games like GTA V. If you have 20 mins to kill, load up All Weapons, Health & Armor and go to town… (although I see we are still waiting for those codes for GTA V to be found/revealed). Also once you’ve clocked the game they add longevity IMO.

  • I use GTA cheats when I want to chill out and just cause some chaos. What is the point of having a sandbox to play in if you can’t run around being an invincible god occasionally??

  • You cannot earn Trophies while cheats are active. If you save your game with cheats active, Trophies will be disabled for that save game forever.

    Seems like an important caveat.

  • Dammit they don’t have the ‘Give all pedestrians weapons’ and the ‘Make all pedestrians go crazy’ cheats.
    Those two combined made GTAIII goddamn AMAZING.

    • Yep. Armed peds and peds riot were a favourite of past GTAs. I was so disappointed with the cheats in GTAIV, especially those two being removed.

      Once it came out on PC, there were some trainers that did the same thing though; so I got my fix.

    • Best thing is activating those, giving yourself full health, armour, and weapons, and trying to survive for 24 minutes, starting when the clock hits 00:00.

  • Changing the weather shouldn’t be considered a ‘cheat’. Dammit, if I want to drive around in a thunderstorm, I’ll fuckingwell drive around in a thunderstorm. I generally don’t use actual cheats until after I’ve completed it once, but hey, who cares, play the game however you feel like playing, ain’t my business how you do. But R* make some of the best rain and thunderstorm effects in games today and it happens so rarely during the normal weather cycle,.. 🙁

    On the GTA cheats, can someone gimme the background to “IAMGARYPENN”, the cheat that enables bad language??

    • Gary Penn is a former British games reviewer who… was Creative Director at DMA Design where he supervised the release of the first Grand Theft Auto game in 1997

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