Here Are Some New Screenshots From Bungie's FPS Destiny

If you woke up today in the mood for some glorious captures from Bungie's upcoming game Destiny, then you must have a telepathic link with the developers. In its last "Mail Sack", a regular blog feature where Bungie answers questions from the community, the studio decided to sprinkle a few images in-between the word bits.

Technically, these are wallpapers, but game wallpapers are usually made from screenshots, so they're screenshots too. I'm not entirely sure what point I'm trying to make here, so why don't we just look at the pretty pictures instead?

As for Mail Sack itself, Bungie had the following to say regarding its future — or lack thereof — and that of features that could replace it:

The Mail Sack has had a good run. We've brought you along on a march that has taken us through a valley of darkness. The more we indulge in these Q&A's, the more we seem to talk about Destiny. With a brighter light shining on this creation, we felt it was time to be more official about giving you updates.

If you’re a fan of the Mail Sack, have no fear. Bungie isn't about to stop listening to you. We never have. If you've been here for the duration of this postal campaign, we thank you for keeping us company while we've been at work. If you joined us in progress, we'll only pick up more speed from here on out.

The Last Mail Sack [Bungie]


    So, some people are criticising Destiny because it's apparently multiplatform Halo. That's arguably a good thing since I have no intention of getting an Xbox One.

    Won the IGN competition to see Destiny next thursday and have a Q&A with the art director, super stoked!

    I'm a little conflicted. They're really pretty screenshots, but they're also very generic Science Fiction shots that I've seen before with different skins.

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