Here's A Bunch Of Free PC Games You Can Play Today (Or Any Day)

Speaking of GTA V and its lack of a PC release, what's a desktop gamer to do right now, especially if they're saving their precious pennies for a Windows-compatible version of Rockstar's latest? Well, there's always the crapload of quality free titles you could be playing instead!

The staff over at PC Gamer have compiled a massive list of 50 games you can get stuck into on your Sunday... or Monday or, well, any day you have some spare time.

The list includes the quirky rogue-like UnReal World, where ancient Finland is your oyster; the strangely addictive Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim; the depressingly morbid tale of One Chance and of course the quality creation that is OpenTTD, an open source recreation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Number one on the list? Spelunky, though if you're after something with a ridiculous amount of depth and replay value and don't mind ASCII graphics, Dwarf Fortress at #4 would be my pick.

Point your browser to the link below for PC Gamer's entire list and please, feel free to argue over the order of the games in the comments.

The 50 best free PC games [PC Gamer]


    Open TTD is awesome. But suffers from the same flaw TTD did: Really easy.

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