Here's A Cool-Looking Kickstarter Project

Blood Alloy, a dystopian Metroidvania inspired by Dark Souls and Vanquish. They want $US50,000.


    Awesome thanks for posting a link! Lazy editing.

      They seem to never post the Kickstarter links. It seems to be more than just coincidence, but what exactly, I don't know.

      Here's the link:

        It's all good. I did google it, found it no worries but it's the principle of the matter really.

          Maybe it's that some Kickstarters end up being scams or vaporware, so they don't want to endorse every one with a direct link for you to possibly lose your money. Sure if funding fails you get it back but if it succeeds and then nothing happens you can't really do anything.

    No link or article, even a copy and paste of what they're up to? That's pretty lazy, Kotaku.

      The sad thing is that Jason Schreier is actually capable of some damn fine articles, like so: .

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