Here's A Look At A Fun Brawler That Also Features Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows has a few notable features. Fun dialogue, a name that's way too long, and fun multiplayer beat-em-up gameplay.

TMNT: Out Of The Shadows is out now on Xbox Live Arcade and personal computers via Steam for $US14.99, and it will be on PS3 in September.

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    the gameplay looks very clunky and slow-paced.. which are not words i'd use to describe TMNT.

    hell, even the original 90s cartoon opening had erractic action. why can't they implement that?

      I think it's just the video. I play it on the Xbox, it's quite quick and reasonably fast paced.

        i see, it's probably just the difference between doing and watching.

    This is on my "to get" list, just for the arcade mode

    The game is horrible on the PC. The camera is a distracting disaster (it sits far too close and is doesn't intelligently follow you), the co-op is broken (you can't invite friends), the AI is horrible (your fellow turtles will stand still in combat sometimes until you come and finish off their opponent), all four turtles seem to decide to fight in the same ten square centimetre space making it difficult to tell WTF is going on (add that to the camera issues for some real fun) and the input feels just that little but laggy.

    Yes the camera is an issue, yes the combat is not as good as Batman, yes the AI is not great BUT, its a lot of fun for $15. The combat system is a bit clunky initially it has a surprising amount of depth and once the challenge picks up and the combat gets into full swing its a blast. Music is also rather good and having finished this recently finished the short 4.5 hour main story I have still clocked up 12 hours through challenges and arcade mode. 7.5 Check it out if your brawler or TMNT fan

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