Here's A Taste Of PS4 Multiplayer Action With Killzone: Shadow Fall

The glimpses shown so far of Killzone: Shadow Fall have been portions of the singleplayer, along with very in-depth, shiny tech demos. But, if you want to know what it's going to look like when folks start going online and blasting at each other, then this here is what you really want to see.

Along with the clip showing Helghan weaponry doing what it's designed to, details about Shadow Fall's multiplayer packs and Season pass are up on the PlayStation US and PlayStation Europe blogs.


    Looks like a PS3 game... really like Killzobe but the multiplayer is clunky and boring compared to Call of Duty etc etc

    Looks like a current gen game with poor shooting mechanics.

      The Killzone games have always looked great, minus the fallback to the usual gritty brown and grey of the past few. However this one looks like it's avoiding that a bit better. The mechanics however look very 'killzone-like', I reckon it'll be awesome :)

    Looks all right, hopefully there's a function to filter out bad connections in a mp game, to stop a lot of the lag. 3 was awesome.. some of the lag though... shivers.

    man looks so good cant wait....also infamous second son daaaamn

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