Here's How Pokémon X/Y Lets You Dress Trainers

Here's How Pokémon X/Y Lets You Dress Trainers

In Pokémon X/Y, you can customise your trainers. This is something The Pokémon Company previously revealed, but here's a good look at how dress-up works in Pokémon X/Y.

There seems to be a big game in how the characters look in this mode and in the actual game, but whatever. Not sure which is better name for this: Pokédress-up or Dress-upmon?

Pokemon X/Y - Commercials [YouTube]


    I think it's a good addition, as long as they don't go overboard with it and under develop the main part of the game.

    Do adults play these Pokemon games, or are they just for children?

      There is actually some depth to playing Pokemon
      and its one of those titles that's strangely addictive once you get started

      im almost 30 and i've played every one since the very first....
      while on the outside they come across as children's games, the strategy you have to employ in the battles and the complexity of a PVP battles are incredibly in depth.
      Beneath the kiddy exterior its a worthy rpg/strategy game.

      The sheer effort some people put into raising there team to be the perfect balance of offence, defence and and balancing of the stats on each monster is mindbending.

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        Yeah, I love the strategy in Pokemon. What gym type are you up to? Grab a couple of counters :P

          If you've vsing the game, there's not too much (until you reach the battle-towers, where you pick 3 pokemon and then have to deal with 7 different battles without changing them, and for each 7 you clear the difficulty ramps up like a halfpipe) but the real strategy is when it comes to vsing other people.

          It's also where IV and EV's come into play, which is where I tune out. Hoping that they've been toned down, the idea of having to kill a certain pokemon (and only that pokemon) 500 times to gain a couple extra stat points...ugh

      I went to the Pokemon Centre in Tokyo to pick up a souvenir for a friend (Pikachu dressed as a maid!). There was a long, long line for the demo of this game- half preteen boys, half adult men. The shop itself was filled with mothers and children and groups of teenage girls calling everthing "kawaii!". Pokemon has all bases covered... cute for kids, nostalgia, fighting and stat crunching for the geeks.

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      It seems like a simple game, and by it means, it is, but oh my god you have no idea how deep this shit goes.

      I tried to get into competitive Pokemon and I noped the living dick out of there.

      I ain't EV training SHIT.

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      The elderly. Yeah, the pokemon been around a while now. No but really, it for everybody. <(^v^)>

    It pains me to see a properly proportioned version of the character but to know that while running around in game you'll look like a chibi version of that.

    I loved Red and later Yellow when they came out, but for whatever reason didn't really get into the other pokemon games aside from Diamond. Probably because none of my friends were into it when I was in highschool... but reading about X and Y has gotten me so pumped, to the point that I'm giving in and buying a 3DS just so I can play it. I've preordered the red pokemon 3DS from JB and getting it sent to me here in Japan (where they only have the blue one, hah! Take that Japan! For once WE get a colour you don't!).

      I think this is the general consensus with X and Y.

      It looks like they've really out done themselves, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the highest selling game franchise of all time.

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