Here's How To Draw Real 'Boobies'

Here's How To Draw Real 'Boobies'

Any aspiring artists out there? Or people who just enjoy drawing, um, breasts? Well, here's a helpful guide. Note: This post contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Artist Meghan Hetrick created this how-to a while back, but recently it's caught a second wind online in Japan, getting retweeted a couple thousand times.

"One of my biggest peeves in the art world is that of improperly drawn boobies," Hetrick wrote on her DeviantArt page. "Now I'm not knocking anyone's knockers in particular, but if you're trying to draw NATURAL boobies folks, pornos and nudie mags are NOT your best reference sources."

So, if you've ever wanted to know how to draw real breasts (or "boobies" as Meghan playfully calls them), this tongue-in-cheek guide might help:

Here's How To Draw Real 'Boobies'

If only somebody would make a marvellous how-to for man boobs!

外国人が日本人の描く 「奇形おっぱい」 に苦言 「ノー。ホントウのおっぱいはこうだ!!!!!!!」 [2ch]

Top image: Meghan Hetrick


    Is an image that was posted on a deviant art page over a year ago really news because it has appeared in Japan?

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      Yes. Yes it is. Because Japan. Always because Japan. Unless it's one of the other ones, in which case it's just "because Asia". Asia is close enough to Japan.

    So, the advice is, draw real breasts and not give into a perverse nature?

    There is the right way and then there is the RIGHT way

    I gotta admit, first I saw this and thought "Oh god.. what have you done Brian?!", however, upon reading what's here, I actually found it to be a slightly useful post as I still suck at drawing, though... I'm sure we'll see a lot of people saying that Kotaku has NOTHING to do with art or japan.

    Seriously....? Is this a joke? Blah blah fighting for equality... "oooh, never mind, boobies!"
    If we wanted to learn how to draw, we'd be looking this up ourselves.
    Where is the "learn how to draw real penises" article? Hm? What... There is none!? What a surprise!

    YAY FOR EQUALITY! Oh, oh wait. Nvm.

    so basically don't base your drawings on porn stars?

      You'd be surprise just how much that one is ignored.

    So real human breasts aren't the size and weight of cantaloupes?

    I don't want to be the guy pointing out what happens when a man draws the sexualised female form... but I will be. Even seeing the amount of posts above and the author's apparent mild apprehension in posting the article, we can see that the result of telling men that they may not create any kind of image of a female that won't be scrutinized down to the brushstroke. It means that people take a political tone when someone posts a legitimately helpful art guide.

    It's a bit weird that there's just one part of the anatomy being focused on, where are the tutorials on how to draw faces, or hips or knees? They're all just as useful if you're learning to draw properly.

    I have plenty of books on anatomy that have detailed images and instructions on how to draw all parts of the body correctly, there's nothing that new or noteworthy about this. In fact it could be much more detailed and talk about the muscles underneath the skin and also about the skeletal structure of the ribcage/collarbones etc.

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