Here’s How To Make Infinite Money In GTA V

Money makes the world go round, and boy howdy, can you nab a ton of cash in Grand Theft Auto V… if you’re willing to play dirty that is. Such is the nature of exploits.

Here we have a video of SomeFilthyCasuals walking us through how to do a money exploit — it requires going to a specific place on the map, and switching between characters such that a suitcase respawns under you. If done over and over again, you can gain over a million dollars in an hour, according to our estimates — we tested it out, and sure enough, as of this writing, the exploit works. Note that you don’t have to fret about making sure you switch characters right away, since it doesn’t take long to recenter a character that drifts away from the suitcase.

Now the only question is: just what will you spend all that dough on?

GTA V: Infinite / Unlimited Money (Tutorial) [SomeFilthyCasuals]


  • If done over and over again, you can gain over a million dollars in an hour

    Just play the stock market. There are a number of missions in the game where you get tipped off about a “sure thing”. I just invest ALL my money for all three characters before starting the mission, and sell about 10 minutes (real time) after completing the mission.

    The last one I did I netted myself a profit of about 150 grand just for Franklin. It’s way better than sitting there grinding.

    • Agreed. My second assassination mission (cos I couldn’t find the stock listing for the first) got me an 80% ROI on the stock market – $9k net, as I was rather broke at the time, and I invested too late, but I can see it’s got huge potential.

      • Check both markets, LCN and BAWSAQ, lol. Sometimes it’s on one, but not the other. Also I couldn’t access BAWSAQ at first, it kept saying it was “down for maintenance”. I ended up quitting the game, signing out of XBox Live, signing back in again and restarting the game, and bam, it came up straight away.

        • Yeh.. GTA Online isn’t available for PS3 until October 1 as far as I can tell.. so the BAWSAQ (Ball sack) doesn’t work for PS3…. it’s not a “down for maintenance” message.. it’s a “GTA Online” is not launched yet kinda message..

          Edit: must have been a network glitch..

          • Well that’s odd.. I can see GTA5 on the list of owned games when I connect to Rockstar Social Network via my computer but I still have no connectivity within the game.. I can see my PSN friends and all that.. so I am connected to the net etc.. I wonder what the problem is.. is there something extra I need to do within the game??

            Edit: Weird.. I just checked again (now that I am past “that” mission.. go figure!) and it’s now showing the BawSaq.. *sigh*

        • I did. Just couldn’t find the darn viagra company in the list (found their competitor, tho). As for BAWSAQ, I invested in Ammunation as soon as I heard it was affected by real world usage… so far made a whole $300, so I think that may have been a waste of $20k… Apparently people aren’t buying as many weapons as I thought they would in a GTA game.

          • Yea, I found that. I thought Betta was the one producing the one with the unfortunate side effect of inducing cardiac arrest? Especially as BET’s taken a nosedive over the last couple of days… which I assumed was a result of everyone assassinating their CEO… I was looking for Mollis… Maybe I completely misunderstood the conversation? Wouldn’t surprise me – I can be rather stupid at times 😛

            Also, shame about Ammunation… I thought I was being clever 😛

        • the reason for not having access is due to bawsaq requires both online connectivity and access to R*’s Social Club. just from what I looked at today, the prices on bawsaq are set for everyone until you invest in it and then it becomes unique to your game. if you want toverify this just get with a friend and compare the prices

        • LCN is based purely on what you do in your game, BAWSAQ is based on all player actions who are connected to Rockstar Social network. For example, GTA launches in Japan on October 10, so you’ll want to buy up a LOT of stock in Ammunation because there’ll be a lot of people buying guns/ammo the following day and it’ll cause the stocks to rise.

        • I’m having this exact! Fucking! Problem! and I’ve tried a multitude of things to get Bawsdaq up, and I’ve got a feeling I’ve done this already, but I reckons I’ll try again because something’s got to work eventually, right? RIGHT?!?!?! :S

          • Yes.. it did work eventually for me.. but not when I needed it.. now it seems, after I am beyond that mission that really needed it, that it is ALWAYS accessible.. yet my work colleague still has never been able to access it.. we’re both PS3 players.

      • $9k profit unfortunately isn’t very much – especially when you can get $6 randomly knocking over an armoured car on the street or $25k per hit from the underwater briefcase.

        The golf club costs $150 million. What a lot of guides recommend is saving up the assassination missions until later in the game when you have some serious heist money under your belt. When you have a few million to invest in the stock market, almost doubling your returns is MUCH better than the $9k. 🙂

    • I’ve only just done the Lifeinvader mission and was tutorial’d on the stock market directly after so I took that as a sign to buy several thousand dollars of the now ludicrously low Lifeinvader stock.

      Hope that wasn’t a mistake.

    • I dont know about you people
      but i have never played a single GTA game without cheats

      its just not possible to resist the temptation to spawn helicopters and unlock all weapons on a whim (PC player here)

      With GTA i was like..soooo what is the disadvantage of me entering cheat codes? Oh i lose the virtual trophies/achievements/gold star stickers on my forehead/epenis?
      well F*CK THAT THEN *enters cheat codes*

      if i wanted to grind for stats/money id go play an RPG

      • Not needing to do anything to get stuff just turns the game into an explosion simulator. I get bored of it in about 30 minutes.

        Starting off disadvantaged and using the freedom of the virtual world to claw my way to the top makes the crazy stuff you get at the end feel a lot more worth it to me.

        • yes but some of us have real lives, while i understand where you are coming from
          id rather explore the world freely in a third of the time and effort then get back something i could be doing

          same reason i dont play dungeon crawlers and rpgs that require grinding. waste of precious real life

          • So you may not have meant to imply you are better than other people and that you have a ‘real’ and ‘precious’ life while they waste their fake lives. But you totally did that. That came across as you being one seriously smug fuck.

            Serious question: If you feel like gaming is a waste of time, why do you do it? There’s nothing wrong with how you play. Whatever is fun for you is cool. Same goes for others.

          • im not saying my way is the right way

            just saying that after spending almost 15 years gaming, ive come to realise that while im still passionate for this activity, most games coming out are the same thing just with incremental more interactivity, slathered with better hyperealistic graphics

            during highschool and uni, although i did well, i wish that i didnt spend so much time playing games because i wouldve done BETTER
            that being said i dont mean i wish i didnt play games, i simply mean, i didnt crunch endless hours playing Diablo 2 etc, just farming when i could have been doing something more productive

            i understand everyone is different and gets entertainment differently, but these days i prefer to play “efficiently” and experience what the game has to offer without falling prey into the game mechanics the designers have created to simply extend the gameplay time.

            e.g. mass effect is a wonderful series, but seriously each game could have been condensed without taking away from the experience

          • I kind of get this sentiment somewhat. I ran into something similar with BF3 recently. I built a new rig a couple of months ago and finally was able to run BF3 (it simply would not run at all, in any way on my old rig, despite meeting the systems reqs comfortably) and, after a short time playing it and realising the amount of time I’d need to invest to unlock all the necessary skills, weapons, etc to play at an individually competitive level without dying all the damned time, I kinda gave up. I have, Uni, a surprising amount of travel for work (a loooot of work), plus a wife who’s pretty sick, I simply don’t have the time to invest grinding every game. So with some games, I’ll skip through the filler to experience it (this can involve cheating) Yeah, I don’t get to experience every game as fully as I’d like, but I just don’t have the time to play everything out. You know, RL priorities. I wish I was 18/19 again, with endless stamina and time to kill on everything that comes out… 🙁

            I blame fucking Steam sales and their awesome games at ridiculously cheap prices for making me well aware of what’s available and causing my optional paralysis with gaming. The bastards…

          • Fail at life, say they have a precious ‘real life’, implying people who play games have no life, yet is commenting in a games blog about a game they play.

          • your comment is hypocritical and full of assumptions

            i never said people who play games have no life

            my comment was essentially saying people have different priorities. its not as black and white as “he who play games wastes time”
            its more “he can choose how he spends time doing leisure, whether that be to play games in their entirety and in their fullest depth, or choosing to play CASUALLY”

            its not the 90s anymore, there isnt just 2 categories of “Gamers” and “Non gamers”, theres casual gamers too now

            The time i save not grinding, i can use to do anything else to enjoy life…like check blogs…thats fail at life to you? if it is, then you just failed as well according to your own definition

            the biggest fact of the matter is, sometimes you dont even have a choice
            back in school you had freedom to play games, when you are grown up you have a thing called responsibility and a JOB…and family…and kids….

  • Now the only question is: just what will you spend all that dough on?


    No way I’m cheating in this. It’ll remove the sense of achievement and accomplishment.

  • Serious question, is Kotaku aware that GTA V is not a PC game?

    Alternatively, is Kotaku aware that it is continually posting console game stuff in the PC section?

    • I think it’s because it’s multiplatform, Kotaku doesn’t want to seem biased towards one particular console by labeling it either PS3 or 360. They could label it Wii U just for funsies

      • I think it’s because it’s multiplatform, Kotaku doesn’t want to seem biased towards one particular console by labeling it either PS3 or 360.
        That would make next to no sense.

        Surely this is not the first game in history to be on PS3 and X360 but not PC?

  • I found I would more often know which stock is going to fall, if there was an option to short on the market I would of been able to make a killing.

    • That’s what I was hoping for – shorting stock would have been the cooler way to simulate those changes – and making money off your manipulations.

  • I already have $30 million+ on each of the 3 characters without doing anything but the missions. I highly doubt pulling in small change like this over and over again is necessary

    • Golf course is $150 million, there are also 3 movie studios to buy (1 is $10 million, 1 is $20 million and the other is $30 million). But yeah chump change like this isn’t going to get you there very quickly. Unfortunately I did the assassination missions early so I can’t invest in those companies now that I’ve got a lot of money.

      Did make a couple of million from a freak mission Epsilon and was able to double that thanks to a random stranger I drove to the airport giving me a great stock tip though.

    • Of course! All we need is your credit details for verification.

      You won’t be charged! We just need it to keep track of who is getting our free copies.

  • Fyi if u do lesters stock market assasinations before u make any real money youll make only a fraction of wats possible. If u invest the 25 mill u get at the end ull make 50% return. In debonaire stocks will net u almost 80% dont invest unless ur putting some serioua cash 100k will go quick in gta

  • Fyi if u do lesters stock market assasinations before u make any real money youll make only a fraction of wats possible. If u invest the 25 mill u get at the end ull make 50% return. In debonaire stocks will net u almost 80% dont invest till u got serious cash. U can easily get the 200 million trophy this way

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